the “Current” Normal (Part 3) – How Green was my Valley

Photos from our May 13/20 walk.

On our river valley walk, Spring was busting out all over with new leaves. I found myself pausing often for sunlit macro shots of all this glory. There were also some spring flowers out already. Can you think which ones?

How Green was my Valley

A thousand shades of green that day

made me pause oft’ along the way.

Were they all put here just for me,

so many new leaves bursting free?

Shadows playing in golden light

making such a glorious sight.

Pleasant walk in river valley

turned out to be up our alley.

if you guessed dandelions, you were right. They were everywhere.
could not resist this little black cap chickadee reveling in the sun
these catkins with the muddy river water behind look like wallpaper or a tapestry
tree shadows play on the fast flowing river water

16 thoughts on “the “Current” Normal (Part 3) – How Green was my Valley

    1. Too true. The green of spring is such a bright spot after a long winter. We found the same on our recent trip to Jasper National Park. The bright green deciduous leaves almost make up for dead and dying conifers. Thanks for reading. Allan

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    1. In normal times, you look at it as you pass and say yeah, that is green, but during these strange times, I was amazed at all the colours that are actually there. Thanks for reading and commenting Susie. Allan


  1. I love springtime and seeing how nature finally wakes up after months and months of slow hibernation! You guys delt with such cold temperatures and incredible amount of snow that you deserve to bask in warm sunshine! Thanks for sharing such beautiful nature photos and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. I look at my back yard now and wonder, was there really snow? How quickly we forget, but I know it will be back. A beautiful day to be sure. Today…+21 and glorious sunny blue skies. On the back deck with iced coffees, sticking our tongues out at the mosquitoes. Thanks for reading Aiva. Allan

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