Vancouver in Early March – Part 27 – Last Sunset

As if providing a promise of better times ahead, the sunset on our last evening in Vancouver was spectacular. We will miss this view.

Last Sunset

Time fast winding down,

ev’ry moment is precious.

Vancouver sunset.

13 thoughts on “Vancouver in Early March – Part 27 – Last Sunset

  1. That’s a one beautiful sunset indeed, Allan! I hope you get to go back to Vancouver to see your family again! And then you can write more about the city 😁 enjoy the sunshine and take care. Aiva 😊

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    1. Thanks Aiva. Sometimes a place will give you that one last beautiful glimpse, so you are enticed to go back. Yes, with things opening up here now, I think it will be a long time before we get comfortable enough to travel far. We are getting to visit Ireland by Skyping with our relatives this week, so at least we have that. Our Jasper trip was a gift and posts will start on that one soon. Stay well Aiva. Allan

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