The Current Normal – Grew Some Garden

When one looks out the window in February, at winter’s blanket of white, it is hard to visualize that anything can grow in this country and yet, here we are in early June with green grass and gardens shooting upwards. It is marvelous to watch.

June is the monsoon month in our part of the world, so while we were away enjoying relatively dry weather in Jasper, rain was happening here and we received about 40 mm (1.5 inches) over the past weekend. I was finally able to mow my lawn in the afternoon on June 8, but had to cut it again on June 12, before the next rainy weekend.

The three photo sequences were taken on June 1, June 8 and June 12 in that order.

These last shots are from June 12 and show the yard in its best light. I harvested rhubarb, Romaine and leaf lettuce today.

24 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Grew Some Garden

    1. Seeds (carrots, lettuce, kale, beets, beans, zucchini) went in about May 1. Bedding plants (tomatoes and a few lettuce and kale) by May 24 (broke my own rule and had to cover against frost for 2 nights. The recent rains and sun have made them really jump. Grass is filling in, but still a few bare spots. Also lucky when I water, as I am able to use rain barrel water. Fingers crossed my luck keeps up. Hope your garden picks up. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


  1. Wow, just look at your garden! You’ve been busy, that’s for sure. Getting a vegetable garden started is much easier than it might appear. Of course, it all depends on how much time and space you’ve got, but starting small is the best way to go. Thanks for sharing and bring on the harvest time 😊 Aiva

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    1. I hated gardening when I was growing up, because my job was weeding. Now I love gardening and one of y favourite things is pulling weeds. Can’t stand the little buggers. This garden has evolved over 29 years and is not even in the same place it was at the beginning. Already eating the lettuce and rhubarb. Yummy. Thanks for reading. Aiva. Allan

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      1. Back in my childhood, my main duty during the summer months was weeding too and I couldn’t stand it. But as I got older I found pride and joy in gardening, just like you, Allan. 😊

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  2. What a lovely garden (and yard!). I live in an apartment and tried growing some veggies on my balcony a few years ago. It didn’t work out so well. While you’ve been getting lots of rain, things have been pretty dry here in Ontario.

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    1. Thanks. Yes, our kids in Vancouver try to keep things growing on their balconies, but, not always easy. We had more rain here overnight Friday and a heavier one last night. Supposed to be a rainy day on Monday and Wednesday. As long as we keep getting sun and heat, things will keep growing. Stay well and thanks for reading. allan

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    1. Who knew, I was ahead of the curve? I actually bought my seeds early this year, as I knew they would be in demand. Could not believe the price being charged, but now that I see the results, it was a good choice. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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