the “Current” Normal (Part 4) – Tawatinâ LRT Bridge

Photos from our May 13/20 walk.

Despite Covid 19, work continues on the new 13 km long Valley line LRT route to Millwoods. Part of this work includes the construction of the new Tawatinâ LRT Bridge between Louise McKinney Riverfront Park near the Edmonton Convention Centre and Henrietta Muir Edwards park near the Muttart Conservatory. Tawatinâ is a Cree word meaning “valley”.

Walking in the downtown river valley, the bridge is tough to miss and we saw it from many angles as we completed our 6.7 km loop.

closeup of bridge and our listing riverboat (damaged when the river ice went out) from the Low Level Bridge
from Low Level Bridge
tower construction for this “extradosed cable stay bridge” is ongoing
the 5th Street bridge framed by the gap between bridge deck construction from both sides
flags flying from top of bridge. We assume these may relate to the ethnicity of the workers or suppliers working on the project
Shot looking West from South river bank
under the deck where the bridge crosses 98 Avenue

6 thoughts on “the “Current” Normal (Part 4) – Tawatinâ LRT Bridge

    1. They have so much of the South bank closed off, it was tough to get a good perspective. The two support columns do angle outward, but you are right, they look odd when seen from the side. Maybe when the cables are installed, it will be less awkward looking. Thanks for reading and commenting Bernie. Allan


    1. Construction never really stopped here, as long as social distancing was followed. I am sure opening will be delayed. Talking with our Irish relatives this week and they were telling us things are easing a bit. All is well with us. +28 and gorgeous here today and tomorrow, but, oh, the mosquitoes. Stay well Aiva. Allan

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    1. For sure. How did engineers figure it all out before computers. I knew I should have paid more attention to the slide rule section in math. What is even more amazing is how the old bridges stand the test of time and sometimes the new structures fail. Thanks for reading Angie. Hope your weekend is going well. Allan

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