the “Current” Normal (Part 5) – Riverdale

Photos from our May 13/20 walk

Edmonton’s Riverdale, not Archie’s, is a river valley neighbourhood just East of downtown. It is bounded on East and South by the North Saskatchewan River with other boundaries abutting the Boyle Street neighbourhood and Grierson Road. It is represented by the Riverdale Community League formed in 1920 and was once the home to a sawmill and the J.B. Little brickyard (first kiln started in 1893). Power for these ventures was supplied from coal mined from the nearby river banks.

(Sources: Wikipedia and Edmonton City Archives)

Today, the area is a quiet residential neighbourhood with both modern and older homes. The area is essentially a low lying flood plain along the river and has been flooded on numerous occasions, throughout history, including being totally submerged in the great flood of 1915.

It is a beautiful area, nonetheless and in more normal times, we would have gone to Little Brick Café and General Store (J.B. Little’s home during the day) for a coffee and cookie. But, today, we walked on, enjoying the day and the scenery.

backyard fountain at Cameron Avenue and 100A Avenue
sparrows frolicking in the fountain
greening up
new LRT Bridge to the West
a serendipitous encounter with a prominent local artist
Riverdale Net Zero Home

You would expect to see a Prius or some other “green” car outside this home. For more info on this net zero project, here is the link–_project_profile.pdf

19 thoughts on “the “Current” Normal (Part 5) – Riverdale

    1. There is a fine line in the redeveloping neighbourhhod between huge new house (in the old style and older smaller places. Your comment gave me an idea to do a post on Old Glenora, one of Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhoods with plenty of homes from early 1900s. Thanks for your comment, Bernie. Allan


  1. Lovely photos, Allan! Loved the one with the little birds! By now, you probably know your neighborhood inside out! Do you have a post about Edmonton city and its most popular attractions somewhere on your blog? Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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