Jasper in June (Part 1) – Venturing Out

We have been pretty much cooped up at home since arriving home from Vancouver on March 19/20. We have managed small walks and a very few excursions into Edmonton, but anything resembling a trip or vacation was far away………………………………..or so we thought.

When we heard that some Parks Canada National Parks would be opening June 1/20, I by chance looked at the website for our favourite place to stay in Jasper and saw they were offering an opening discount. What luck!

Reservation made and confirmed, plan put in place and packing completed, we were ready to head out on a real adventure.

Looks like we were going for a month
Ready to roll

Our yard was starting to look pretty good and we knew it would keep for the 5 dasy we would be away.

The first stop was our local motor club to pick up a discounted Parks pass, but, alas, they had none. Darn, now we would have to stop at the park gatehouse and buy a more expensive one.

We were soon on Whitemud Drive heading for the Henday and then the Yellowhead West to Jasper. We had a 4+ hour drive to Jasper and wanted to arrive near check-in time (4 PM).

Approaching Noon, we were feeling peckish and looked for a place to stop for lunch. Seeing the turnoff for a day use area at Lake Isle, we opted for this. We missed the day use area turnoff, but at the end of the road, found ourselves out in the middle of nowhere in the country. Hey, this would do. Climbing out of the car, we breathed in the country air and hoped there would be no mosquitoes.

We marvelled at the blue sky and the clouds.

a perfect day in the country
poplar fluff fell like snow

In the distance, we saw a raptor soaring high in the sky. Not quite ready with the camera, I missed the shot.

Lunch eaten, we were soon on our way again, rolling through Entwistle, Evansburg, Wildwood, Edson (restroom stop), Hinton (gas stop) and on to the park gates. There was no line up, but a gate was open. OK, how much is this gonna cost us? Good news, they were not yet ready to charge admission and we could enjoy our time in the Park for free for the whole 5 days. Yay!!!

We rolled on through beautiful mountain scenery, past emerald green lakes, lime green foliage and lofty mountains. We felt giddy with excitement and this was just the drive.

In Jasper, we ordered a takeout pizza and did the Covid clean thing for the pickup, taking the pizza up the road with us to eat on the shore of Patricia Lake. Takeout never tasted so good.

nothing could be finer than the view from our diner
the view of Pyramid Mountain and Patricia Lake from our dining table

20 thoughts on “Jasper in June (Part 1) – Venturing Out

    1. Thanks. But wait, it gets better. We were lucky to be able to seize on this opportunity as may be stuck in our little city for the rest of the summer. Maybe in the fall, we can return to Jasper. Thanks for reading and stay well. Allan

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    1. It is funny the way it was worded. Visitors to the National Parks were supposed to be park adjacent ie: Calgary to Banff – about 1.5 hours away. For the purposes of visiting Edmonton was ruled to be adjacent to Jasper some 4 hours away. We were OK with that. Yes, hopefully travel will gradually resume, but only with people still taking the necessary precautions. Baby steps. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


  1. Who ever said you have to go across the world and stay in 5 star hotels to have a good holiday ?? How wonderful for you to be able to get away for a few days. Looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip.

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  2. It looks lovely where you live, so pleased you are able to get out again.
    Since lockdown in later March in the UK, we haven’t been further than 10 miles from home. Had a lovely walk along the river last weekend, but although we live near the coast, we have no desire to be around hoardes of people and to risk out health.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Tony, it is indeed. The outing was just what we needed to destress a bit. We were not strictly limited on how far we could travel. We pretty much stuck around town until things started to open up. Interprovincial travel is still not advised and in fact, cars with Alberta license plates are being vandalised if they are seen in neighbouring British Columbia. Strange times indeed. I expect we will stay home for the rest of the summer. Glad you could get a river walk in. I am with you, I have no desire to share space with hordes of people, some of whom still do not take this seriously. Stay well and thanks for reading. Allan


  3. I’m glad you finally had a chance to escape the city and take in those beautiful mountain views. I hope there’s more to come because, let’s be honest, you guys have the most beautiful parks in the whole world. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. Thanks Aiva. It was a great getaway. Do not worry, lots to come on our trip, the lake where we stayed, the hikes, the flora and the fauna. As to the beauty of the parks, they are beautiful, but I really love the Irish countryside and parks as well. We all have much to offer. Thanks for reading and commenting, as always. Allan

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  4. Thanks for sharing the family road trip adventure. Truly amazing. Been doing some ourselves after the lockdown. Visiting state parks are actually safer than being inside a crowded grocery stores, clinics or walking on the streets . We just have to go to places less travelled. Usually we keep driving along Highway 1 until we see hardly any cars. Yesterday drove to Big Sur & stayed a few hours at Garrapata State Beach. For a moment, the beach was ours. Regards to your family & have a great Summer.

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    1. Great to hear you are also travelling. I love the Big Sur area and have travelled that way on several occasions. Like you having the beach to yourselves, we had the mountains to ourselves for 4 days. Blessed relief. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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    1. For sure, ti was a treat. As to the packing, we divide and conquer. My wife makes lists and packs and I am the loadmaster. the car was not always this tidy, but at least it started off that way on the first and last days. Thanks for reading. Allan

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