The Current Normal – Birds of a Feather

These photos were taken on May 19/20.

Given my limited chance for photography opportunities, I seldom leave the house these days, without dragging my camera along. Some days, I do not use it, but on other days, the opportunities are endless.

On this date, we walked around our man-made lake in Four Seasons Park, working on physical distancing from those less co-operative, both humans and hissing Canada Geese, protecting their mates from us strange two-legged threats. I guess that must be the reason I have so few photos of Canada Geese here. Here are the shots I managed.

female red winged blackbird
mallard duck (waiting for a mate?) floating on the dance stag line of ponds
male coot, the only other bird on the same pond – this date was probably not gonna work out
female coot on nest
Canada Geese pair on the lake
red-necked grebe on the lake

Male red winged blackbirds on guard

9 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Birds of a Feather

  1. These are fantastic photos, Allan. I love seeing and capturing birds. As Sligo is a quiet rural place, there’s plenty of all sorts of birds. Not knowing what we’ll see along the way is always so exciting! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. We are very lucky to have this little micro-habitat in our community. Also, taking the time to slow down has allowed me to see the variety of birds we have. During walks with the kids and during my working years, all I ever saw were ducks and geese. We have had a few surprises this year, including a future post or two. Thanks you for reading Aiva. Hope you are having a great weekend. +22 and gloriously sunny today. We are enjoying iced coffee on our screened back deck. Allan


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