The Current Normal – Fathers’ Day in Covid Times

Father is defined as 1) a male parent 2) a man who has begotten a child 3) begetter 4) patriarch

This definition seems a tad too clinical to describe the influences (both good and bad) a father can have on his children’s lives.

My own father has been gone, going on 34 years now and while he was not always known for his eloquent speech, he was a one of two great teachers in my life. By hard work, he taught me the value of a dollar and that things that come easily are seldom appreciated. By working 3 jobs and 18 hour days to provide for his family, he taught me perseverance and that few problems are insurmountable, if you are determined. By his ability to repair and build things, with little or no equipment or parts, he taught me that education and knowledge do not only come from schools. By taking me to work with him on various jobs and giving me small tasks to accomplish, he taught me that quality family time comes in many formats.

His life ended too soon, for him to realize the benefits from all his hard work, but even then, he was my teacher. Since his passing, I became more determined to ensure that I put as much effort into achieving work/life balance as I did in building my career.

So, on this Fathers’ Day, I send a silent thank you to MY father….one of the two people who had the greatest influence on the person and the father I became.

To say that most family get togethers are a bit surreal in 2020 is an understatement. Whether you take no precautions or go overboard with precautions, it still affects you. It is all relative to your own comfort level.

My Fathers’ Day started with fresh baked cinnamon buns which my wife had arranged from a local eatery and Cappuccino, which I was happy to prepare for both of us. Later, we shared a physical distance Brunch with L & A, in their home. This is the first time we had entered another home, since returning from Vancouver on March 19. But, again, the current normal required precautions, for us all to feel comfortable and stay safe. We took our own dishes, glassware and cutlery and while L & A provided all the food and drink, we maintained physical distance throughout the visit. This was tough, because, all we wanted to do was just hug our kids.

A Skype visit with B and K from Vancouver rounded out the day. All a Father wants on Fathers’ Day is spend time with his children. I’m a lucky Father.

I hope all fathers out there had as great a Fathers’ Day as I did.

Photos below show our brunch experience and the last shot is of a precocious puddle puppy, Benji.

10 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Fathers’ Day in Covid Times

  1. I’m glad to hear you had a lovely Father’s Day, Allan. I hope you were well looked after, starting your day with freshly baked cinnamon buns is the best way to do it. Thanks so much for sharing and have a good day 😊 Aiva

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