Jasper in June (Part 8) – Day 1 Fauna

Part of the joy of a visit to Jasper is spotting the local wildlife…elk, moose, deer, Bighorn sheep, mountain goats, etc. There have been times when we have scarcely seen any wildlife and other times when we have to slam on the car brakes to miss an animal (or tourist gawker) crossing the road.

Here are the photos of birds, animals etc. we saw on this first day.

we spotted this pair on our walk by the lake and did not realize until we got closer that they were sheltering two new goslings.
robin red breast swaying on the tree top
robin red breast gets a new do in the breeze
pileated woodpecker (you know, like Woody) We could hear this guy from a long ways away, like a jackhammer on concrete. He was so beautiful to watch at work
did you know that the woodpecker’s brain is protected from injury by their tongue that wraps around the inside of their skull?
hey, I’m eating here!!!!
do not know what this little bug was, but when he flew away, all we saw was the red flash of his wings
nothing common about this Common Loon in breeding plumage, seen in Pyramid Lake
this was the only loon we got a good look at during our trip and we only heard a few trills and lament wails during our stay
bum’s up—time to dine
female elk (wapiti) grazing along Pyramid Road
her coat is a bit scruffy during the spring molt
this young lady looks a lot sleeker once molt is complete

13 thoughts on “Jasper in June (Part 8) – Day 1 Fauna

  1. I like the photo of the Pileated Woodpecker. They are, or used to be, rare in the US. About 20 years ago when I lived in Ohio, one crashed into our dining room window. I thought it was dead but the bird vanished later. Maybe it was just knocked. I hope so.

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    1. They were rare here as well. And yet, one flew into our small city this past Feb. They require about 40 hectares of mature forest to settle. Given the size of this bird, that must have been quite the crash into your window. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


  2. Wow, fantastic photos, Allan, I’m in awe! I love squirrels and I love the photo you captured of this little cute creature! Jasper really is a place full of natural wonders. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. The sun is finally shining in Sligo 😊 Aiva

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    1. Thanks Aiva. That is the joke in my family. No walk, hike or trip is ever complete, until I have a photo of a squirrel. This guy just sat there posing until he had enough and then scampered away Glad the sun is shining in Sligo. After two days and 43 mm of rain, we are supposed to get a reprieve today. Thanks for reading and stay well. Allan

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