The Current Normal – Backyard Birds – Robin in the Hood

In previous posts, I have strongly intimated that our lack of robins in this neighbourhood is a direct result of the influx of crows. For a two day period, the robins popped back to sing sweetly in the neighbourhood and my back yard. The crows must have given them a day pass or perhaps were too busy running away from the Merlin falcons and the blue jays. In any case, the sweet song was much appreciated and just as quickly as it came, it left………..

Robin Red Breast

Little Robin Red Breast, where have you been?

It seems like ages since you were last seen.

We’ve spotted you elsewhere on other trees.

would you come to our yard if we said please?

Other birds come by to offer a tune,

none as sweetly as you, please come back soon.

Just when I began to give up all hope,

there you were, sweet part of nature’s spring trope.

14 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Backyard Birds – Robin in the Hood

    1. The birds have really come back, since the Covid slow down. They are spending more time in the yards and putting on quite the show. Some of the are still quite shy, like the finches. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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  1. There’s nothing better than watching and listening to the birds, especially during the summer months when you can hear them singing away early in the morning. Loved your poem, Allan. Thanks for sharing and take care 😊 Aiva

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  2. For me it’s the meadowlarks — that’s my song and they are an illusive bird and unlikely to make short work of my furniture or windows. I would give you our robins and our Killdeer. Hire some magpies – they keep the crows away!

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    1. I love the meadowlark song. I used to hear it all the time when I lived in rural Manitoba. I actually heard one in the country here recently and feel incredibly lucky. The crowd and jays chased the magpies out years ago. They have never come back. Lots of them in Edmonton though, so guess they moved. Have not heard a killdeer since my rural southern Alberta days. Thanks for your comments Bernie. Allan


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