The Current Normal – Pardon my Garden

I realize I posted a more modern garden update recently, but it is hard to realize how far this garden has come in just a month.We have been lucky to have already harvested rhubarb, leaf lettuce, Romaine, chives, cilantro and kale.

Home during May, I had no excuse to let my gardening and weeding skills languish, other than a bit more complexity in buying seeds and bedding plants.

We got on the seed bandwagon early (April 2/20) as we realized with all these people home at this time of year, we would have some competition. We were not wrong. What we did not count on was how expensive seeds were during Covid demand. I also needed to make a trip to grab some steer manure and sand to augment my garden soil. One could say I took a lot of shit that day or you can take it all with a grain of sand.

I planted the seeds around May 1. The ground was warm and I had the time. The next issue was grabbing my bedding plants. Our local greenhouse (BMR) not only offered Seniors’ hour, but also curbside pickup. I phoned in my order and arranged to pick up my bedding plants before Mothers’ Day. I realized, Mothers’ Day would likely see everyone out at the garden centres and there would be nothing left after that. Picking the bedding plants up on May 9 was not my preferred date, but I left them in the pots until the Victoria Day weekend, so I could avoid the frost. I planted them in the garden on May 18 and instantly regretted it when the temperatures went down to 0 degrees C on two consecutive nights. Undeterred, I simply covered them up.

Temperatures now seem to be on an even keel and the garden is looking great, after a good weeding and the transplant of my Patty’s plants “vegetables from vegetables” starts. Things are hopping and all I have to do is weed, water and harvest.

I MacGyvered a better frame for my bird block this year. It was a bit of a chore to roll it back for the weeding, but worth it to avoid the lettuce eating sparrows.

The last thing I did on May 27/20 was to plant my flower boxes and borders while Patty did the deck planters. Overall, we are happy with the look of our backyard oasis.

Most photos taken on May 28/20.

lawn mowed and garden weeded on May 28
back border and bird bath
My anti sparrow force field for beets and lettuce
Rhubarb, kale and zucchini mounds
the main garden looking SE
deck planters East
deck planters West
stair planter
West planter

Most photos taken on June 28/20.

the main garden from the South
the main garden looking South
closeup from the South
the main garden looking West
zucchini and rhubarb
zucchini, rhubarb and kale

12 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Pardon my Garden

  1. Your gardens and yard look great! My garden isn’t very big. We finished up on the rhubarb and asparagus and yesterday stared eating the new potatoes! Cucumbers are blossoming and tomatoes are turning! Can’t wait!!! Take care and enjoy all the bounties of your garden this season!

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    1. All we need is a bit of sun and heat here for things to really produce. So much rain, so far. Yes, the best part of the garden is the taste of the fresh produce. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. We have had too much rain this year, so far. The lettuce is being eaten more by bugs than us and the tomatoes need some heat to produce. I guess you can’t have it all. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  2. Wow, your veggies look amazing and I they taste fantastic too! We finally had a chance to sample home grown strawberries and they tasted unlike any store brought berries! As it’s been raining for nearly two weeks now, nothing has grown much in our backyard, we desperately need the sun. Thanks for sharing your garden and yard, it’s so beautiful and neat. Take care 😊 Aiva

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. They have certainly shot up. Now, if we only get a bit of sun and heat, they will fill out properly. We tried strawberries when we first moved in here, but the sparrows liked them so m much, we got very few. Not worth the trouble. Thanks for reading Aiva. Allan

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    1. It was not always this way. Some years, the attempts were a bit sad. This year, there are still a few problems. The wet weather means that many pests are eating the greens and that my tomatoes are slow. We could use a bit of heat, but, rain keeps happening. Thanks for reading. Allan

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