Jasper in June (Part 13) – Flora on our Wilcox Pass Hike

We assumed that we would see very little in the way of flowers on our hike here, due to the altitude, amount of snow and temperature. We could not have been more wrong. Much of the hike is along a West facing slope and where the sun had reached and melted the snow cover, signs of life were everywhere.

Alpine Beauty

Please tread lightly when you walk up here,

you should know alpine life lives in fear.

Under snow for seven months each year,

we can’t grow until the coast is clear.

Up beside us in your hiking gear

one misplaced step and our end is near.

So please walk with care and be a dear,

so our bright colours can bring all cheer.

7 thoughts on “Jasper in June (Part 13) – Flora on our Wilcox Pass Hike

  1. So many beautiful flowers. It’s one of the things I always look forward whenewer we are going on a hike. They make for great photo options too. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day 😀 Aiva

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    1. Growing there has gotta be tough, but even before the snow is gone, they start popping their tiny heads up. We thought we would see no blooms, but we wee wrong. Thanks for reading, Aiva. Enjoy your weekend. Allan

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    1. Thanks Bernie. It has to be tough to grow up on these mountains and yet they do. I recall the signs I have seen on hiking trails in the past. Please stay on the trails. These plants grow by the inch, but die by the foot. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


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