Jasper in June (Part 14) – Day 2 Fauna

We had high hopes to see some some wildlife along our route to Wilcox Pass. For the most part, the big animals were invisible, but, we were quite surprised to see this young bull moose from the road. We pulled over for the photo op and he stood there briefly looking at me, as I stood there looking at him. Eventually, he shuffled off for a bit more privacy.

On starting our hike up from the trailhead, we saw a snowshoe hare caught between winter white and summer brown. He eluded my attempts to take a photo. My son says I must be losing my edge.

We could hear the chirps of the mountain rodents on our way up, but never caught sight of them. We did catch this stealthy bird sneaking around through the dead grass tufts.

My Alberta bird book tells me this is a Horned Lark

Finally near the top, the rodent chirps grew louder and the ground squirrels came out to see who was harshing their mellow. They looked like they had survived the winter quite well.

11 thoughts on “Jasper in June (Part 14) – Day 2 Fauna

  1. Wow, fantastic photos, Allan! We don’t have much wildlife in Ireland and that’s why the opportunity to see some of the planets most beautiful animals through someone else’s photos, always make me happy. It would be a dream to see and capture on film such amazing animals as elk, moose and caribou. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. Thanks Aiva. Yes, we are very lucky here and so lucky to have seen them. It gets to the point that we are disappointed when they do not show up. Thanks for reading. Hope your weekend is going well. Allan

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    1. We have been lucky in Jasper. Once when our son was a babe in arms, a herd of about 70 elk came right through the cabin site and plunged into the river to swim across to their herd. Our young one was not much interested in nature, but we enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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    1. You are right. I can only recall seeing moose in Jasper 3 or 4 times, in the 45 years we have been going there. The elk are always around and have little fear of two legged animals. We were staying at JPL when the kids were young. It was Easter and one American lady decided she wanted a selfie with an elk. The elk objected and kicked her. The lady was incensed and could not imagine why the elk would be so ungrateful. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


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