The Current Normal – Gramma B’s Poppies

These photos were taken June 12/20

To tell the truth, our back planting bed is a bit of a hodge podge. A landscape designer might wonder what the heck we were thinking, when we planned it. But, believe me, we do have a system.

The bed is a 29 year long work in progress, starting the day we moved in. Phase 1 was a small veggie garden on the East fence and an equally small planting bed for shrubs and perennials on the South fence. This lasted until both the kids and the many trees we planted grew taller. The jungle gym and swing set needed space and then there was the badly sloping ice rink and the snow sculpted luge run (our yard slopes toward the back of the house).

As the kids got older and eventually left home for university, the swing set was sold and the jungle gym dismantled with the lumber repurposed. Over time, the veggie garden was widened and lengthened, as was the shrub bed. We also added trees to fill in gaps left by removal of the play structures.

As the trees grew taller, the now shaded veggie garden had to be relocated to South of the deck, where most of the remaining sunshine was concentrated. Part of the old garden was returned to lawn and it has been pretty much status quo for the last couple of years.

Now, where was I???? Oh yeah, the back planting bed. It was actually started with shrub and plants from our previous home. Then came some new shrubs, as well as some ferns and poppies from Patty’s Dad’s house, when he sold that. Among these plants were some wonderful poppies that originated in Gramma B’s Calgary garden. They have become even more special over time, since she passed on.

Each year, when they come up, we think of “Little Gramma” in Calgary and how loved and special she always made us feel.

Gramma B’s Poppies

For most of the year, they remain out of sight,

but come late spring, they burst forth with blossoms white.

Five soft petals and a center of pure gold,

bring forth warm, gentle thoughts from our days of old.

Thoughts turn lovingly Southward at times like these,

as we admire flowers so like Gramma B.

20 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Gramma B’s Poppies

    1. Thanks Colleen, but my borders will never match yours. I may have to put in a bit more effort now with all those perennials you graciously donated. Thanks for reading. Allan


  1. I have never heard of white poppies. They are beautiful. I tried growing Vimy Ridge poppies but they only came up the one year. Wish I lived closer to your nice friend Colleen to benefit from her cast off perennials!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. These ones come up every year and spread like the dickens. Well, there is a story there. Their house is up for sale and they will soon be moving. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


    1. Thanks Susie. In addition to calling her Gramma B, we also called her Little Gramma. She was only 4′-9″ and I was still taller than her when I was on my knees. I remember her always saying. “I just love you so much, no matter what”. We just kept wondering what she meant by no matter what, but we never asked. Thanks for reading. Allan


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