The Current Normal – Rural Riders

These photos were taken on June 13, 2020.

Our small Alberta city is still surrounded by agricultural land and acreage developments. Stupid us, we have been trying to walk or cycle around Beaumont and socially physically trying to keep our distance from others, without much success. The multi use paths are too crowded with people, breathing moistly and the appeal of walking on the street has lost its luster.

Fortunately biking is the solution we have been turning to, more and more. If we are on the streets, we may as well act like a vehicle and bicycling helps us to outrun those pesky skeeters. We stayed off the paths and for the most part, did a circumnavigation of our little city, but, eventually, that too became boring.

One day, leaving home, Patty had an idea!

Instead of turning West when we reached 50th Avenue, we turned East and we soon ended up out in the country, communing with this bovine herd, who, no doubt, tried to figure out what manner of creature ambulated about on 2 wheels.

Except for the occasional passing vehicle, it was quiet out in the country. Birds were singing, grass was waving and the sun was shining.

Our discourse with the herd complete, we pedalled further East to see our equine friends. The first few were grazing in a paddock near the road, but alas, the larger herd was at the far end of the farmyard. Riding on a gravel road was not gonna happen, so we gazed from afar.

rural simplicity
Township Road 505 (becomes 50th Avenue in Beaumont) Apparently, many cyclists ride this route.
Kindred riders? Mayhap not, as us old folk were not dressed in Spandex and we were not riding road bikes. Oh well, they still waved at us in acknowledgement. We proudly pedalled a little faster.

Now rolling back West, we turned into the Beau Hills acreage subdivision. While, I am sure acreage life has its appeal, there is just way too much grass to cut.

Patty, slowing it down
Once, a-pond a time

As we pedalled further into the subdivision, we spotted many fine homes, surrounded by acres of rolling lawn. One home had gone a bit above and beyond, with a designed water feature, much different than the pond by the entrance road. Mail delivery on this rural route is by community mailbox, so not much different than where we live.

Back on 505, we proceeded westward back to Beaumont, stopping beside a pond on Coloniale Golf Course to watch the bird action. Male red wing blackbirds played sentry to their nearby nests. Goose and gander carefully escorted their new yellow goslings about the water hazard. All was right with the world.

All these views encompassed in an approximately 14 km long ride. We will be back.

12 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Rural Riders

    1. Agreed. We stay off the trails, both on bikes and on foot. We are most fortunate to live so close to the rural areas. The roads are the only way to go and the views, sounds and scents are so worth it. Thanks for reading and commenting Lori. Allan

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  1. Ah lucky you — rural with paved roads! The spandex route is for comfort and so we converted a few years ago when we clocked 50/60/70 km a day on bike trips. Glad you found somewhere interesting and out of crowds to ride.

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    1. Agreed. We are too picky, as I am sure there is still tons to discover down the gravel roads. As to comfort, agreed. I prefer to ride in summer shorts and the one ride I did with blue jeans on was not fun. Stay well Bernie and thanks for reading. Allan


  2. Wow, looks like a fantastic bike ride. Once the restrictions were lifted in Ireland and everyone was rushing out the door, we found that going on a bike ride was the best way to escape people and crowds. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. Agreed. 2 wheeled freedom is the best and the rural route is so much calmer and more interesting than riding in the city. Glad you are able to get out for a ride, now, too Aiva. Thanks for reading and stay well. Allan

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  3. I’ve never really thought too much of biking, but since you mentioned that it’s a good way to outrun the mosquitoes, it’s peaked my interest. I say this while I’m currently scratching a mosquito bite. Looks like a lovely area for a bike ride that isn’t crowded with people. Thanks for taking us along.

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    1. It is a blessing to get away from the mossies, for sure. However, there could be a few side effects. Rolling through the canola blooms the other day, my ear intercepted the path of a bee on the way to the field. He buzzed for a bot next to my ear, before flying on and then buzzing my wife. The area is our go to for bike riding now. Do not know why it took us so long to go out to the country. Thanks for joining us on the ride. Allan

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  4. Thanks for the entertainment keep it up we enjoy it . That sign going into town is where they sent me a picture of my car. I wonder why

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