Jasper in June (Part 16) – Mountain Meals

Even though things were opening up after the Covid 19 shutdown, we had no desire to place ourselves in a situation where we would not be comfortable dining out in a restaurant. That is one reason why we chose the Patricia Lake Bungalows, which come with a fully equipped kitchen. No oven or dishwasher, but a good fridge/freezer, microwave and gas cook top.

Before leaving home, we planned accordingly, so we could take some easy to prepare meals (Thai chicken curry, chili and lasagne) to keep prep and cleanup time to a minimum, We also took snacks and breakfast foods, wine and beer, as well as my Cappucino maker and a lot of ground coffee.

We did not lack for anything, except a bit of breakfast variety and lunch sandwiches. This we quickly remedied by placing a curbside takeout with Bear’s Paw Bakery. If you are ever in the area, I would highly recommend stopping by. They even have a Social Distancing window.

As you have already seen, our meal on arrival was takeout pizza from Jasper Place Pizza. Quick and delicious and eaten in mountain scenery.

Mountain pizza
beer o’clock
Thai chicken curry and rice, which we brought from home
raspberry white chocolate tart from Bear’s Paw
house made cappucinos
ham and egger from Bear’s Paw and fruit salad from home

Wine O’clock with double chocolate chip cookies from home

We will go this route again in the future.

14 thoughts on “Jasper in June (Part 16) – Mountain Meals

  1. It’s amazing how many new challenges we have to face once we leave home. Eating out is something we still haven’t done ever since the pandemic crisis started and mostly it’s because people can be so careless. Instead, we cook at home, but I do miss a good pizza. Hopefully, soon. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. No dining in for us either. Just take out. For the pizza I was the designated shopper, with mask and cards. Back at the car, Pat was the designated sanitizer with gel. Horrible trying to figure out the new order, but worth the effort to stay safe. We mostly make our own pizza these days. Stay well and thanks for reading. Aiva. Allan


      1. Especially now that I have perfected my Levain pizza crust. We only used the pizza place in Jasper for convenience. That was the first pizza we ordered since we had a large gathering pre Covid. Cheers. Allan


  2. Looks like you guys ate (and drank) well. Even though restrictions are easing up around Ontario, we have yet to dine out (and probably won’t in the foreseeable future). It can be a bit of a hassle while travelling, but as long as you plan ahead (which you did), it’s not so bad. Especially when you get to eat your food while enjoying beautiful views of the mountains.

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    1. Agreed. Life is full of trade offs and eating home cooked food is an easy decision. We are notorious planners and cooks, so the home cooked choices were plentiful. Thanks so much for reading. Allan

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