The Current Normal – Peach Fuzz – Down by the Lake

These photos were taken on June 14/20.

We ventured down to Four Seasons Park (by bike) for the first time in a long while to see what the bird life was doing. We were not disappointed. Proud geese and ganders were busy showing off their new yellow babies (coming soon toa lake near you, I am sure). At times, it was if a group of mothers ganged together to create a daycare situation, but the little ones were always well protected.

Peach Fuzz

Down at Four Seasons,

brand new families debut,

covered in peach fuzz.

first, the lecture on “Lake Smarts”
Stop looking at me, No, YOU stop looking at me!
Why do Moms always dress their kids to look alike?
OK, everyone, I know those crazy two wheeled thingies are right here, but all ashore that’s goin’ ashore
Mom said there was plenty to eat here. All I’m seeing is goose poop, yechhhh!
Yup, goose poop!
Still not seeing anything to eat here, Mom.
red wing blackbird on duty to make sure nobody goes near the nest.

16 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Peach Fuzz – Down by the Lake

  1. We usually have 1-2 families by the lake where I run. This year it was 4! I love them to death even though they do make a mess. I always feel sad when the head count goes down (sometimes they lose one or two due to late winter storms or coyotes) The parents are soooo protective. I’ve recorded doing what I call the “bob and hiss” dance when I run by. I haven’t been by in a week. The kids are almost adults but they still need to learn to move out of my way more quickly.

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    1. No shortage here. Yup, when the gander gets his dander up, the hissing contest starts. Sometimes just best to walk the other direction. Hard to believe they feed and love their kids to death and seldom see them after the migration. Talk about empty nest syndrome. Mayhap they will reunite here next year, but the young ones are not ready to breed then, so maybe the kids will go to a bar. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


    1. They will be well trained by their parents to nest in parks and lakes and to adorn all public grounds with their poop. These kids really listen to Mom and Dad. Tee Hee.

      Thanks for reading Laeli. Allan


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