Jasper in June (Part 19) – Flora along Overlander Trail – South End

I always thought this trail ran East/West, so was surprised when Patty told me it ran North/South. She was right of course, as the highway does take a few twists and turns as you drive through Jasper Park. The Overlander Trail parallels the highway and runs predominantly North/South where we hiked. As with other Jasper hikes at this time of year, spring wildflowers abound.


Wildflower beauty,

unfolding panorama.

Overlander Trail.

driving by on the highway, one would think the mountains are all rocks and trees. Sometimes you need to immerse yourself in the tiny details to see the bigger picture
these flowering shrubs were everywhere and in some cases up to 20 feet high…they may be a type of dogwood, not sure
pretty in pink
alpine pansy
pretty pansy bunch
these petals seem to be floating
bunches of blue
like tiny bouquets

2 thoughts on “Jasper in June (Part 19) – Flora along Overlander Trail – South End

  1. Whenever we are out and about, I always keep my eyes peeled to the ground in search of flowers. I’m thinking of buying a book about Ireland’s flora and fauna as well as trees and shrubs! On so many occasions, we stumbled upon beautiful blooms without knowing what they are called. I would definitely love to learn more about Ireland’s wild plants. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. I am the same. I call them the detail shots. After all, it can’t be all vistas. Great idea on the flower/shrub book. I received a bird book for Fathers’ Day and it has been invaluable. Thanks for reading Aiva. Allan


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