Jasper in June (Part 21) – Wildlife on Day 3

Every day was a new day when it came to wildlife sightings. You never knew what you may or may not spot. Sometimes, you could hear a lot going on around you, but not see a bird or animal. Other times, they would be right there grazing along the roadside or sitting in a tree.

deer grazing along Pyramid Lake Road
aside from mosquitoes, just about the only other wildlife we saw on our Overlander West hike was butterflies
they were not real cooperative in their posing
white on the bottom, blue on the top
three-toed woodpecker
quiet but relentless
resident female elk
hey, I’m talking to you
same deer on Pyramid Lake Road in the afternoon
doe eyes

16 thoughts on “Jasper in June (Part 21) – Wildlife on Day 3

      1. All is well and all is typical…It’s 7:10 local time and I’ve been working for a couple of hours. I do love that working from home allows me to really exercise my preference for having a work day that begins and (often) ends before the standard timeframe.

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    1. Yes, as a protected area, they must know they are safe from hunters. The main danger is car traffic on the highways, but there are many areas where speeds are reduced in the animal corridors. Jasper is always a great place to see wildlife. Thanks for reading CarMac. Allan


  1. Not knowing what you might be able to see is makes wildlife sighting even more exciting. There are lots of hares in Sligo and we see them almost daily, yet I never get enough of them. Canada is such a fantastic place to see various types of wildlife. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your next post 😊 Aiva

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    1. Too true. Around our area, there are a few bunnies that may be escaped or unwanted pets. Along the river, there are more hares. We did see a hare on our Icefields day, but he was not posing for a photos. Thanks for reading Aiva. Our rain has stopped for now and we are supposed to be up to +30 C next week. Fingers crossed. Allan

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    1. Yes, during that time with things opening back up, there were more animals in view and they seemed less skittish. Around our yard right now, I am seeing more and more birds. Its like Covid is giving them a break. Thanks for the compliment and for reading, Lynette. Allan

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