Jasper in June (Part 22) – Last Look at the Lake

Last Look

Wistfully looking upon mountain lake view so fine,

we hoped to be able to return another time.

Among the bright green of spring and dark swaths of pine,

our short holiday stay here had been really divine.

We watched with amusement the antics of Goldeneyes,

both low on the lake and flying up to highest highs.

One last look at this mountain gem, under bright blue skies,

we turn away, serenaded by loon’s wailing cries.

18 thoughts on “Jasper in June (Part 22) – Last Look at the Lake

  1. I can only imagine how hard it was to leave the scenic lake and all the natural wonders that surrounds it. I’m glad you had a great time visiting and thanks again for taking me along with you on the journey. The Irish government just published “the green list” of countries people can finally travel to yet non essential travel is not advised! One of the countries was Monaco and they don’t even have a airport! Either way, overcrowding and coronavirus doesn’t go hand in hand, but we know lots of people who are on a holiday in Europe anyway. Have a good day, Allan 😊

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    1. We hope to be back in October, before Patricia Lake Bungalows closes for the season. Likely our only big trips for the year. Much as we would like to travel and visit with those we love, it will be at least a year, before we think of it. Also no point heading to the US with all their Covid and non Covid turmoil. Yes, Monaco is great, but you have to go through Cote d’Azur airport in Nice and then take the train or bus to Monaco. Stay home and enjoy the Irish sunshine Aiva. Still a few more Jasper posts to go, as we did another hike on our way out. Thanks for reading and commenting and enjoy your weekend. Allan

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    1. True enough, but we still had a hike and a few stops on our way out of the park. It was a cool period, but the weather was otherwise cooperative. Thanks for reading. Allan


    1. It sure looks that way. If people think they are tired of restrictions now, what will they think then. Still hoping for one last look in the fall, but…..Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan PS. Not sure if you saw my post on Glenora and its houses last Saturday. Stay well.


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