Edmonton Heritage Days 2019 – Around the World in 3 Days

This is a repost from 2019. Due to Covid 19, the 2020 Heritage Festival has been cancelled. By this time on this day, it would have been in full swing, with dancing, music and the smells of tasty ethnic delights flowing all through Hawrelak Park. If we were there, we would be tucking into Hungarian Langos. Ohhhh, we miss it already. Hope you enjoy the memories and wishing you all a Happy Heritage Day on Monday.

What – The world’s largest three day celebration of multiculturalism. Started in 1976, with only 20,000 visitors, it grew to 85,000 in 1977 and 320,000 in 1982. Attendance typically runs between 300-400,000 annually.

Where – William Hawrelak Park, Edmonton, Alberta – a 350 acre riverside park proposed by Mayor William Hawrelak in 1954 and first opened in 1967.

When – Over the August Civic Holiday weekend each year – August 1-3/20 cancelled

Why – to honour and celebrate the diverse nature of our population and promote awareness, understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity.

Who – 2,200 volunteers, 100 countries, 73 pavilions, 50 shared stages, 900 cultural and dance shows, 70 kitchens, each serving up their cultural delicacies, up to 500,000 visitors annually (the record for attendance was set at 498,000 in 2017, with 348,000 visitors showing up on the Sunday, that year.

The Skinny – Admission to the grounds and festival is free. Most cultural cuisines can be purchased by using tickets, either bought in advance or at the gate. $40 CA gets you 40 tickets. Item prices vary, but the two of us did fine on 40 tickets. Some drinks and ice cream may be purchased for cash. Many pavilions offer goods from their country for sale. Payment methods vary, but cash or debit are preferred.

The 3 day event is a major fundraiser for the local Edmonton Food Bank and receives an average of 50,000 kg/year (1.4 million kg between 1984 and 2013). All non-perishable food items and cash donations gratefully accepted.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Private cars are not permitted on the site. Transit options include:

  • Park and Ride buses from numerous locations throughout the city (check out the Heritage Fest website). Fare $6 return
  • A Kiss and Ride Zone where passengers can be dropped off near the park gate.
  • You can walk to the park.
  • You can cycle to the park

I am not sure why it is human nature to always think their way is the right way or the only way that things should be. This thinking promotes so many conflicts in society and around the world. If we would only open up our eyes to new things, we would see that most people are just like us, they want to make a decent living, they want to have shelter from the elements, they want to have food in their bellies and they want to have fun, when the work is done. Heritage Days certainly gives us all a chance to experience new sights, sounds and tastes and for three days at least, harmony can exist, as we all have fun.

The question each year is not “Are we going to Heritage Days?” It is “Which day are we going to Heritage Days?”

We opted for opening day, Saturday and were on site by 11:00 AM. If you are from the area, you know June and July have been very rainy. Parts of the site were a bit of a mud bog yesterday and the rest were simply soaked. We wore our waterproof hikers and coped very well.

Lining up at Health Sciences Center for our bus.
Bus drop off zone and Arrival Area for the festival. Maps, tickets, directions, First Aid, Lost Kids, Info, and Food Bank donations, it is all available here
Ticket booths. Coloured booths are for new purchases. White booth is for prepaid pickup (our choice and very quick)
This is normally a lush lawn, but was a bit of a mud bog this day. Waterproof hikers rule!

Our first and third food stop was at the Hungarian Pavilion for Langos (fried dough). First stop was for savoury (garlic salt) and third was for sweet (icing sugar). OK, we are full now.

Ukrainian fashion show, depicting preparations for a wedding.

Pavilion view to the lake.

Our plan to see the shows was to wander around until we heard one starting up, then head over and watch. This meant we sometimes arrived just as the show was ending, but by the end of our visit, it was working quite well. This was the Guatemalan cultural show.

Shots of the grounds and pavilion exteriors.

Colourful displays and wares for sale.

Bits and pieces.

Foods and such.

Cultural performances too numerous to mention. The K-Pop group at the Korean pavilion seemed to be having the most fun and so was their audience.

Indigenous Peoples cultural display. This one was one of our favourite shows on the day. So much colour and symbolism.

We were just about to leave the site, when this Eritrean dance group started their show. We had to stay and watch.

This little guy was just bubbling over Heritage Days and was having a great time blasting bubbles at all who passed by.

Bubble blaster boy.
The cultural booths all proudly fly the Canadian flag.

As we left the site around 2:30 PM, busload after busload of visitors piled into the site. Up along Groat Road, cars emptied out their passengers and walkers and cyclists made a steady stream into the site. This might be another attendance record year. We can’t wait for next year.

15 thoughts on “Edmonton Heritage Days 2019 – Around the World in 3 Days

  1. Thanks and thank you so much for reading. Edmonton is known as the Festival City and in the summer, they are non-stop. This weekend is Heritage Fest, Big Valley Jamboree (country music festival in nearby Camrose) and the Blueberry Bluegrass Festival in nearby Stony Plain. So much to do, we seldom go on vacation in the (short) summer. Enjoy your weekend. Allan


  2. This looks like an amazing event, I have always believed that the world is a fantastic and colourful place to live and explore and what a better way to do it – without stepping foot on a plane- than a visit to heritage event! Thanks for sharing and have a great day, Allan

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I’m sorry to hear that the festival was cancelled due to the coronavirus! Sadly, it’s pretty much the same in Ireland, many festivals and events are not going ahead this year. No one really knows what the future holds now, at least we have lots of great memories and photos to go through. Thanks for re-sharing and I hope all is well 😊 Aiva

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All is well Aiva. We have our home, health and happiness. Could use a few more visits with the kids and a few more hugs, but hope those will come in time. Hot and windy here today. 26C but feels like 32, but the temp on the back deck with an iced coffee is just fine. Hope you and your family are well, also. Enjoy the weekend. Allan

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I think Winnipeg’s Heritage fest is similar to yours with pavilions set up in buildings. Ours is phenomenal, but the August long weekend is notorious for nasty weather. Just our luck the weather is great the year the festival can’t open. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


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