The Current Normal – Peaceful


Raindrops gently dapple silver pond

allowing for quiet reflection.

Silent surface no longer becalmed,

now hidden fish escape detection.

Carpet of green adorning island,

as new born goslings leave its shelter

Once so noisy, now all is silent,

geese, ducks and coots all helter skelter.

Nearby, Mom’s head pops out, all worried,

Merlin’s shrieks causing her unease, while

new babes fledging proceeds, unhurried.

falcon drifts away, all now peaceful.

rain dappled pond
green carpeted island
worried Mom

12 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Peaceful

    1. Hi Bernie. The post was time shifted, I put the photo date (June 28, I think) in the post. It has been hotter than the Hubs of H— here for the last week now with temps near 30C and feels like up to 37 C. Supposed to get some boomers tomorrow. Frankly after all my complaining, my garden could use some moisture. Hope your camping is going well. Allan

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry about that. Watch for the date in red. I used to put the date in the title, but people often did not see it there. Thanks for your feedback. Allan


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