The Current Normal – the Business of Nature

As we wandered along the North Saskatchewan River towards and through Riverdale, we were amazed at the work being done by all the pollinators. Flowers (including weeds) were everywhere and the bees, butterflies and moths were hard at work. Now we know what “busy as a bee” means.

Busy as a Bee

Lured by perfumed petals too sweet to refuse,

they flit and flutter with such wild abandon.

Vibrant pinks, whites, yellows, purples and blues,

colours Mother Nature had a hand in.

They don’t tarry long on petals they choose,

just hover low, without really landing.

Back and forth to their hive they quickly cruise,

these busy bees have no time for standing.

Carpet of flowers

Busy bees

Even busier moths

some flowers already going to seed. These puffballs were huge
These weed seeds look like fine lace
Potentilla blooms
Peaceful scenery in the heart of the city
This little chipmunk was busy hunting and gathering too.

6 thoughts on “The Current Normal – the Business of Nature

    1. It takes a lot of little things to make up the big picture. I have not seen many chipmunks lately. Not sure where they went. Thanks for reading Aiva. Hope your week is going well. Allan

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