The Current Normal – Wee, White Fluffy Ones

These photos were taken July 9, 2020.

This is part two of an homage to our good friend Paul, a meteorologist, who worked in both Canada and New Zealand, before retiring Down Unda.

He has many witty weather sayings, one of which was…….

“There are only two types of clouds, wee white fluffy ones and big, black nasty ones”. This would always bring a chuckle, but in this new era of Covid non travel, we would give anything to hear it direct from the source.

Wee, White Fluffy Ones

See that small cloud away up there,

a real type two cloud, should you care.

Have my puns you had enough-y?

That cloud’s just wee, white and fluffy.

9 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Wee, White Fluffy Ones

    1. I hear you. We also get lenticular from time to time. My friend Paul liked to joke about the weather. He also had another comment…”Its a lazy wind, it’ll go right through ya”. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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  1. Ahh, the pleasure of watching the sky go by! One of the striking side effects of people’s confidmen to their local areas during the Covid pandemic has been a growing appreciation of natural world around us. Have a great day and thanks for sharing 😀 Aiva

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