The Current Normal – Don’t Weep for Me

Don’t Weep for Me

Rain, incessant in its downward progression,

falls on already saturated landscapes.

Windows, once newly washed, no longer gleaming,

marred instead by the tracks of Nature’s damp tears.

Our view on wet world, blurred and yet crystal clear,

into ev’ry life, a little rain must fall,

but, do not weep for me in this wet weather,

weep for those, whom Covid never gave a choice.

12 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Don’t Weep for Me

  1. How so very true. I read an editorial by a Calgary Herald writer who talked about the low death rate and how if we all took care of our health we wouldn’t be hiding at home against this bully virus. Tell that to the 40 year old police man (mountain hiker on his days off so assuming here his health was pretty darn good) who is now a double amputee with a history of 3 open heart surgeries due to Covid19. Death isn’t the only “complication” that arises. So many have lost so much that it does make one put it all in perspective.

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    1. Right on Bernie. If we think we are immune to long lasting effects of Covid, we are naive at best. When the Times published the names of the first 1,000 people who died from Covid, they were on the right track. Now, all we see is stats and this fails to educate or honour those who have succumbed. They are all mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. Their life had meaning, why are they just a number in death? Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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  2. I remember the evening that the TV News did not lead with the Covid deaths of the day. Some domestic political issue took the headlines and I knew ‘That’s it now – they’re just stats from now on’.

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    1. Thanks Aiva. My first attempt at free verse, all based on a fogged up window. You are right, giving the statistics only does an injustice to those who have dies from this disease. They all had names, children, mothers, fathers, hopes and fears. They all deserved better. Thanks for reading Aiva. Stay well and enjoy the weekend. Allan

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  3. This is the perfect post for those still not believing the death and sickness this virus brings nor those indifferent & defiant. People don’t get it that the more we ignore the mandates , the more everyone suffers. Stay safe.

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    1. Covid does not care about your belief system, your politics or your age. Worse than that, even people with no symptoms can harm others they come in contact with. WE all need to be more patient and less selfish. Thanks for reading and stay well. Allan

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