The Current Normal – Mind’s Eye

This post was to be vastly different, including title, focus and photos. I shot some fabulous photos, at least in my Mind’s Eye, but when I got home, I found that my memory card had popped out and all I had were memories. While my wife felt sad for me, she assured me that she had the day’s scenes firmly locked in her memory and that it was too bad I had spent my time looking through the camera. I assured her that I had retained the sights, scents and essence of the day as well. I guess, we will see.

It was a glorious summer day, sandwiched in between the incessant rain we have faced here since June. Our E-bikes were fully charged and we set off to ride the country as usual, past cattle, horses, fields of canola and clover. The added bonus was that some farmers were doing the first cut on their hay crop (my title was going to be Making Hay While the Sun Shines). I know, pretty trite, eh? Sorry….My Canadian came oot there.

On our way back, we paused to watch the Redtail Hawks soar above the hay being cut, waiting for any meal to come scampering out, ahead of the machinery, for their dining pleasure. On closer inspection, we saw a second much smaller shape soaring nearby. Ahhhh, mom was in training mode.

Mind’s Eye

Gliding past golden fields so sublime,

my mind floating, losing track of time.

Wind drifted scents awaken my youth,

so young at heart, but so old in truth.

Curious, white bovine faces turn,

young colts romp, with energy to burn.

Whispering grasses sway on soft breeze,

songbirds flitting through green, leafy trees.

Distant sounds, machinery whirring,

scent of new mown hay, action stirring.

High aloft, as hungry redtails soar,

mother teaches young her hunting lore.

Face upturned beneath brilliant blue sky,

I’m capturing all, in my mind’s eye.

My wife’s phone photos were the only evidence of our day, as I click away to no avail

8 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Mind’s Eye

  1. O no, I’m sorry to hear that, Allan. I can easily relate to your misfortune! On the recent holiday around Ireland, I became a victim to one of the most heinous errors any digital photographer can make. We made a stop at Cork City just to buy a new memory card and I lost it along the way. And I only realised it upon arriving at our final destination which was miles and miles away from anywhere. Yes, it was good enough to be there and see everything in person but as for a photographer, I was in bits! Thanks for sharing your experience and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. I was pretty choked up by all this, as well, but then I thought, I still have my memories. What would we have done in the good old days, when we ran out of film. Thanks so much for reading Aiva. Allan

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