The Current Normal – at a Crossroads

These shots from our 33 km (20.5 mile) bike ride on August 26, 2020, gave me the idea for this post. Recent local and world events caused me to hit POST a lot sooner than I planned. I try very much to inject a bit of humour into my posts, but would be remiss in not speaking to the current chaos going on in everyone’s lives.

Humanity is at a true crossroads right now and as long as we think that our point of view is the only one that counts, the only one that is right, we will all continue to spin in the wind, making little or no meaningful progress in the right direction, while the world burns around us. It is no longer enough to simply be a passenger, we must all take our turn at steering.

Lately, we have been having a written and phone “dialogue” with our elected MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly). While he listened and sympathized, saying he would take our comments back to the caucus, we have no illusions that the current course will be adjusted any time soon.

It always amazes me that the first order of business for any new government is to point out the mistakes of those they succeed and then take steps to erase all the work (good, bad or indifferent) done by that party. Think of all the wasted time and money in implementing and then reversing.

Legislative assemblies, by design, are supposed to be cooperative and do the best for the people who elected them, but in short order, they all follow their party lines and turn confrontational, as the party in power thinks they know what is best for all the people and that their mandate makes any change the right change. They often attack the perceived problem, but seldom address the underlying causes.

While the poem below relates to our Provincial crossroads conundrum, it has equal application to the situation in our National Government and the Governments in many countries, both near and far and indeed to the pandemic, climate and human crises being faced all round the world.

At a Crossroads

At a crossroads, which way to go?

North, South, East or West, who’s to know?

Are we foes or are we best friends?

This constant battle never ends.

Leaning Left or on farthest Right?

No middle ground, always a fight!

New elects undo work from last

good laws, bad laws, away they’re cast.

One way lies hope, the other fear,

for those seeking peace, war hawks jeer.

Real injustice goes oft ignored,

might makes right, pull out gun and sword.

There’s an answer for all to see,

call out injustice, take a knee.

Cut through rhetoric, calm the storm,

listen to all sides, be informed.

Dissonant views bring naught but hate,

work together, ere its too late.

Daily rhetoric gets my goat,

for ev’ryone’s sake, please go vote.

So many paths.
Pick the right path, but be ready to detour.

16 thoughts on “The Current Normal – at a Crossroads

  1. I must agree, and I’ll go a step further by saying your assessment is quite accurate. If just half the energy spent on the blame game and squabbling was used for actual productivity, I think we would be amazed at what our elected officials could get done. Isn’t that what we elected them for in the first place… getting something done?

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    1. I think the first mistake is to refer to the elected government as the party in power. They should be referred to as the elected party or the governing party and there should be a 6 month probationary period. If they can’t show they have the best interests of the people in their minds, the next party should get a chance and so on, kinda like a game show, rather than End Game. The first governing party to pick a member of the opposition to be Vice President (U.S.) or Finance Minister (Canada) shows me that they intend to work together. We fight enough wars in our daily lives without having to battle for our country. Stay well Scott and thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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    1. I know. I hate being political, but we are seeing this bad behaviour all over the world. It has to stop and only we can stop it. Too bad it takes 4 years. I watched all the DNC speeches and it gave me such hope, then I tried, I really tried to watch the RNC speeches and they just left me stunned. I frankly could not watch more than a couple of minutes. How do we get such disparate views? No wonder the Founding Fathers cautioned against a 2 party system. Stay well, hope, pray and vote for a better result. Thanks for reading and commenting Lori. Allan

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      1. I could not bring it in me to watch either of the conventions. As a matter fact I quit watching mainstream TV a few months ago, I just can’t stand the political commercials. Iowa is rising to a concerning point in coronavirus but still no mask mandates. Yesterday our governor shut down all the bars in out of 99 counties in the state but restaurants can serve alcohol until 10 PM. Makes no sense. The medical community is begging for more. Towns and cities are requiring mask mandates but the governor overrides it staying mask mandates can only be at a state level. Only she can order that. So confused, why not try it! My husband is seeing more cases, he is starting to have
        surgical patient test positive 24 hrs before so he can’t can’t and won’t do the surgeries. Yet the patients complain, argue with his nurse that they are asymptomatic, want their surgery. Unfortunately this behavior is happening because the United States turned mask mandates and coronavirus into a political power struggle. They took it away from the scientists and medical Professionals. So we do what we can. Voting is one thing we can do, but it’s hard to do when both sides are so vindictive, petty, and are all about themselves. I am
        not a political person and am just heartbroken at what is happening, Seattle, Portland, Kenosha and coronavirus are examples of major issues now and have taken so much. Our politicians can’t get past the blame game and work on the root causes. They can’t accomplish anything productive. Sorry so long, for not being political I had much to say!!! Lol. Take care!! Lori.

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      2. Our Government let the scientists and health professionals direct the COVID response and guide the reopening, but in the end they all lacked the cojones to mandate masks. To avoid political fallout, they let the cities and towns do that, which I am happy to say they did. Why can they not see masks are necessary to 1) make people confident enough to go out and shop 2) make businesses confident enough to reopen and stay open. If we all get sick, their precious economy goes to hell in a handcart. They all need to get over themselves. People need to get over themselves. If you can’t wear a mask, get others to shop for you. Nobody is telling anyone they can’t shop. They are simply telling them how they can shop. My rights do not mean I can infringe on other people’s rights. The sooner we start thinking of others before ourselves, the sooner we will become a society. No worries. Dialogue is how we all get past this. Stay well. Allan

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    1. Thanks Marcus. Pardon the current vernacular, but it is a S— Show. I think politicians are happy to have Covid to blame all their failures on. No responsibility, no concern, no action, except to get reelected. Stay well, my friend. Allan

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  2. We should not seek to attribute blame, but rather continue to encourage one another to build on and sustain the great efforts that we have all made to date, yet at the same time it’s challenging. We are still learning to live safely with the virus yet it baffles me how so many people be oblivious to what’s happening in the world right now. There are many things each and every one of us can do every day without being told to do so. Sadly it’s not the case and many people still only care about going on holidays or the pub! The COVID won’t go away just because we had enough of it.

    Loved your poem, Allan! It’s spot on! Thanks for sharing and take care 😊 Aiva

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    1. Hi Aiva. Sometimes, I do not know why I take some photos and then when I see them, it becomes obvious. The “dialogue” with our local MLA, the hopeful DNC convention, the ranty RNC convention, another shooting. I guess I was naive when I thought the pandemic would bring out the best in people. Many are just back at their old greedy, selfish ways, especially those we have entrusted to lead us out of the wilderness. Heaven help us all. Thanks for reading, your compliment and for joining the dialogue Aiva. Hope you have good weather on your weekend. Allan


  3. Beautiful poem, Allan, and one that really resonates with me. I usually try to stay informed as to what’s happening in world politics, but lately I’ve just tuned out. It’s all very circular and very rarely does real change happen. So much energy, time and money is spent on blaming and criticizing when really we should be coming together to try to solve issues. Glad you voiced your thoughts.

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    1. I’m a real radical. I actually had a half hour conversation with my MLA, expressing my displeasure with the UCP’s tactics. I have no illusions that anything will change, but I called them on their BS. Thanks for reading and commenting. Fingers crossed that somebody gets the message before it is total anarchy. Stay well. Allan

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