The Current Normal – Sweet Baby Jay

These photos were taken July 26, 2020.

The blue jay action around my yard has increased in recent days. There has been much more jay chick screaming lately and I did not know why, until I investigated this morning. It would seem a couple of the chicks tried out their wings and then forgot how they got out of their nest. One was sitting in a birch tree, next door and was able to flutter up a bit to reach the next highest branch. The other was grounded and all it could do was stumble from place to place, calling for Mommy.

The high pitched calls could have a double edge, should a crow or kitty-cat be in the area. Hope these guys figure it out soon. Maybe Mom and Dad can help out a bit with a feeding at their new situation.

Sweet Baby Jay

Sad little whimpers ringing out o’er the land,

baby jay’s flight attempt got quite out of hand.

All he recalled was standing high on nest edge.

How was he to know he was not fully fledged?

He flapped his small wings and said, Hey look at me,

when suddenly, he was in air, flying free.

For a brief moment, he thought he could make it,

doubt soon set in, he could no longer fake it.

Ground came rushing up, taking his breath away.

What would happen now to poor sweet Baby Jay?

I want my Mommy
Maybe if I just climb a bit higher, I can find my way home
So much for that idea
Mom always tells me not to cry, but, I think I’m gonna cry now!
Stiff upper beak
Hey Mom, can you bring me some food…, please?
Where did my nest go?
Stretch your wings, she said, flap your wings, then all of a sudden, POW.
I don’t think my wings are fully cooked yet.
This green stuff feels kind of prickly.
I can hear my brother calling, but I don’t see him down here.
Maybe, if I call back. Hey, what is that shadow above? Mom, Mom! Hey you’re not my Mom. Gotta run.

19 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Sweet Baby Jay

    1. Nope. Only saw the two outcasts. There were still some left in the nest. In the last week, I did see up to 4 babies in my Schubert, so could be 4 or more. Not likely the 7 we had a couple of years ago. It is funny to hear them come by now with their new teenage croaky squawks and of course they are molting, so their heads look weird without feathers. Thanks for reading Colleen. Allan


  1. Great post and fantastic photos, Allan! You have an ability to observe and capture great little details. Bird watching is such a fun activity. I find that spending time and energy finding and observing birds is great for my physical, mental, and emotional health. Even just pottering around at an easy pace is far better for our health than watching Netflix on the couch or sitting at a desk for hours. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Aiva. The Jays make it easy when they come and go from my yard. Any time away from TV is a good time. Plenty of time for Netflix when the winter or rain rolls in. Stay well. Allan


    1. Agreed. They are now gangly teenagers, though, whose voices croak as they grow. Soon enough, they will fly away for the winter and hopefully come back here to raise their families. Thanks for reading Irene. Allan

      Liked by 1 person

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