For twenty-nine short years, you’ve lived next door

starting tomorrow, you won’t any more.

We’ve grown together, to become fast friends,

seldom thinking these happy times would end.

For friendly gatherings, we could not wait,

so, between our yards, we made a new gate.

Two sets of parents, raised our children five,

three girls, two boys, our houses were alive

with the sounds of laughter, giggles and tears,

they quickly flew by, those twenty-nine years.

Concerts, excursions, parties so many,

we went to them all, not missing any.

Our children grew up and then moved away,

soon both our yards became empty of play.

Now, time for adults to act their own age,

slowly at first, we turned the next page.

Engagements, marriages soon came about,

invitations made, we could not miss out

on our chance to hear those wedding bells chime,

no matter how far, which date or what time.

Life settled back down for a few more years,

until baby came, bringing happy tears.

Sounds of children again came from next door,

and rumours that there may even be more.

Shortly thereafter, we heard faint rumblings,

distance from baby was bringing grumbling.

Our house is for sale, gently we were told,

even with Covid, too soon, it was sold.

Secret Covid get-together arranged,

neighbours all there, many stories exchanged.

Twenty-nine years were a real game changer,

parting as fam’ly, no longer strangers.

22 thoughts on “29

  1. It’s always hard loosing good neighbors. Especially ones that have been next door for so long. May you continue to be close – even though they will be further away. Hugs to you all

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    1. Thanks Bernie. A poem from the heart for sure. We are now truly empty nesters. Yes, there will be visits, but no quick drop ins just through the gate. Hope to have my deck weatherized soon and keep the company visiting. It will be a long winter otherwise. Thanks for your thoughts. Allan

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  2. Those kind of changes are always the worst, aren’t they? Good luck with the next chapter. Here’s to hoping that you maintain the friendships/family you created, but you will always have the memories.

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    1. Hey Scott. How is it going? Very grateful for the past 29 years and looking forward to the next 29. Change is inevitable and we all adapt. One day, it will be our turn to move away, but not yet. Still love the security of the same old, same old. Thanks for reading and commenting. Hope all is well. Allan

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    1. Too true. The new neighbours were handpicked by the old neighbours. Daughter and son-in-law of our neighbours’ neighbours, if you know what you mean. Should be an excellent fit. Thanks for reading Lynette. Allan

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  3. What a heartfelt poem, I’m lucky to have great neighbours too, they’re a rare breed to be truely appreciated. All our “kids” are hitting their twenties, I feel I’ll be in your shoes one day – before I know it.

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    1. They grow up and move away so soon, both kids and neighbours. Good neighbours are a blessing. Fortunately, we still have many good neighbours nearby, but nor a part of the family like those that left. Thanks for reading and commenting. Tas. Allan

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  4. It’s bitter sweet isn’t, Allan? A good neighbor is a welcome blessing and I am sorry to hear you are loosing your friend. No one wants to hear that their favorite neighbor, friend, or colleague is moving away. After so many years of shared memories and seeing each other daily, hearing that someone is leaving can be tough. I hope the new ones are as nice. Have a good day. Aiva

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    1. The new ones will be nice and we still have lots of friends in the neighbourhood, who we are getting to know better. Covid has made that all possible, so at least one good thing. Thanks for your thoughtful comments Aiva. Allan

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  5. Thank you! It so warms our hearts to hear your kind words. With our families being on the other side of the country we have been very fortunate having you next door. You’ve been there for us every step of the way. Friends forever, only difference is that we’re not within crawling distance lol. Now on to new adventures 20 mins away. We look forward to being closer to our kids, having a smaller house, bigger garage and less driving. Our family you will always be…..Love you both!!!!

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    1. Thanks Colleen. Some blogs are hard to write, but this one wrote itself. We have never had better neighbours through thick and thin and likely will not have them in the future. Enjoy your new digs and responsibilities, hug those kids and grandkids. It has been a pleasure. Allan & Patty


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