The Current Normal – Sunday Riders – Break on Through to the Other Side

This ride and these phots were taken July 26, 2020.

Sunday morning and the living was easy. A beautiful breakfast of capuccinno, Mexican omlette, porchetta and ginger date scones. Who could ask for anything more?

The morning arrived beautiful and cool, with the promise of a bit of heat and wind in the afternoon. As such, we opted to take our bike ride in the morning. We followed our previous long route (505-234-510-233-SH625). At SH625, we opted to cross over and continue South toward Rolly View.

This was my first photo stop and here is what we saw, close at hand.

New mown hay field, with much thicker swaths than our last one.

The first shot below is of SH 625 where it intersects 232, taken from The Other Side (South)

A little further along, we had a livestock stop. Positively pastoral.

Moving on, we thought we would cut the trip off when we reached the 20 km (12.5 miles) one way mark. So, at 502 (Airport Road), we were about to turn around and retrace our steps, when something told us to ride just a bit further and we are glad we did.

From this one stop, we had so many viewing opportunities.

A Redtail Hawk soaring high above.

Another hay field, this one with square bale stacks.

A prairie pothole complete with resident waterfowl.

Our relaxation over, we turned around to head back North. Traffic on both 232 and 504 had increased, but we had little trouble crossing. I had planned my photo stops on the way out, so I took the lead, so Patty would know where to stop.

One last? canola bloom shot.

Agricultural heritage (old and newer)

American Pelicans, still flying in the area.

A crop of Field Peas (Cowpeas), which are actually closer to beans than English peas. Note the Edmonton city highrises (66 floor Stantec Place and 55 floor JW Marriott Hotel and Residences popping up in the background of one shot. A bit hazy, but they are 23 km. (14 miles) away as the crow flies.

A short 14 minutes and 4 km (2 1/2 miles) later, we were home completing a ride of almost 39 km (24 1/4 miles) in just less than 2 hours. What a great day!

6 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Sunday Riders – Break on Through to the Other Side

  1. Nice! Excellent visuals and narration as usual. Those are the kind of bike rides I have enjoyed most along with trail rides in new places. Exploring from a bike is most always a great experience.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Scott. We will have to enjoy our rides as they come. As it continues to get colder, they will get less frequent and once the snow falls, we will have to put the bikes away (no snow tires). Thanks for reading and commenting Scott. Enjoy the weekend. Allan

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  2. What a great ride! You guys got some great distances and of course all those good quality secondary roads in Alberta make me envious. Thanks for the canola fields — already missing them! Also love the old buildings and the livestock photos. Such a farm girl

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It seems the secondary roads are mostly in better shape than the primaries, these days. Despite the injection of infrastructure stimulus, roads continue to deteriorate from heavy truck traffic. It is a scenic route for sure. Looks far more beautiful than I remember from my misspent farm boy youth. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan

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  3. What a fantastic ride! Exploring the great outdoors on your bike is so much fun and it’s also good for your health. For me personally, being free to explore my surroundings by bike is a literal breath of fresh air. Even when I biked a particular route before, I always see something new and y. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos, Allan and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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