The Current Normal – Covid Tableau

Covid Tableau

For more than five months, we’ve seen our safe world changed,

locked up inside, we all became quite deranged.

Unnecessary travel strictly curtailed,

just work, grocery store, and Doc, if you ailed.

Little by little, we flattened Covid curve,

reopening discussed, we gathered our nerve.

Soon, new freedoms were granted, slowly at first,

hoping for the best, we prepared for the worst.

Taking our sweet time, not looking for trouble,

trying hard not to burst our Covid bubble.

Shopping and take-out, if you wore your mask,

we cleaned and sanitized more than was asked.

Still no handshakes or hugs and no social mix,

just outdoor visits, if you practice “Safe Six”.

Without any chance of long distance travel,

our content little world could soon unravel.

Looking for someplace exciting, we could go,

happy we found our rural Covid tableau.

These photos taken on our July 28, 2020 bicycle ride.

Summer grasses wave in the breeze
Sleepy farm landscape
Pretty thistle flower, but don’t get too close
Canola bloom fading fast
Not the best crop. Leduc County declares an Agricultural disaster

7 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Covid Tableau

    1. I can’t claim Safe Six as my own. I heard it coined on the radio and thought that was a perfect description. Covid is a state of mind for sure and come winter, my words may not be so light and bubbly. Will try to avoid negative thoughts, but. Many thanks for reading and your compliments Bernie. Stay well. Allan

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    1. Excellent. It is not that we can not take vacations, it is just that we must take them differently. Enjoy your time at the beach. At the end of September, we are off to our mountain retreat. Not sure why we need a vacation in retirement, but this year, we need it even more than ever. Thanks so much for reading and commenting Susie. Allan


    1. Our son and daughter live in a highrise in downtown Vancouver. o tough to keep distant when you are in such a tight space. We are very happy in our small city, surrounded by countryside. Keeping distant is not a problem other than emotionally. Stay well Ann and thanks for reading. Allan

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