The Current Normal – Playa Backyard-a

Some pix of our favourite vacation spot this year, our own backyard. Loving the deck time and the blossoms, but not sure how cool it will all be, come winter time. Well, very cool, actually and also very white.

These photos taken July 30/31, 2020.


Lamb’s Ears



15 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Playa Backyard-a

    1. Thanks William. Flowers are now gone and we are looking at frost tonight, so I have covered my tomatoes. Summer takes so long to get here, but fall comes in a blink. Thanks for reading. Hope all is well. Allan


    1. Thanks. The garden put on quite the show this year. Looking a bit sad right now, with only a flower or two left as we head into fall. Had to cover the tomatoes last night as frost was possible. +5 this AM, but likely frost tonight, before things warm up for the rest of the week. Determined to get vine ripened tommys this year. Thanks for reading and stay well. Allan

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  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful flowers! Due to the extremely wet summer, our backyard was littered with unusually high amount of slugs. They kept themselves busy by eating away my sunflowers, sweet peas and even tomatoes. Hopefully, next year I can succeed in growing more flowers. Take care and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. Ughhh. We had slugs here too and they made short work of my lettuce, kale and zucchini plants. They even came home on some fall mums we bought in Edmonton and killed one of them before we got to enjoy. Hope we have a slug free summer next year. Hope you are getting some better weather these days. Allan

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