History is being written right now during this pandemic. Like it or not, we are all a part of this history, whether it is good or bad. Some day soon, a chapter will be written in school history books about the Covid 19 pandemic and the world’s response to it. Let us all hope for the best outcome.

But, that is not what this post is about. We recently undertook a change to our back deck to extend its seasonal use for physical distancing. There will soon be a post about that.

However, my Patty came up with a good idea for a pre-post, if you will. Living in this house for 29 years, we have gone through a lot of deck modifications. She wondered if the history of these iterations would better explain how we have come to love our back deck. It is our Happy Place. Special thanks to my muse.


A work in progress

always changing with the times.

That’s Deck-ORATION.

And now for a bit of history…..

1991 – when we first moved in and just after the sod was down. The first time we tried to sit on this white deck on the sunny South side of a white two story house, we damn near went blind. Too white by far. Overhead protection : one cheap umbrella.

1992 – Same deck, different umbrella (the old one blew away….hmmmm). Enjoying dinner with the kids and Japanese home stay students. What was I thinking with that fluorescent cap?

1993 – I managed to add a lower section to the deck and we now have a sun shade (Woot). If we left it out, I would often come home to find it had kite surfed into the neighbour’s yard.

1995 – umbrella AND sun shade. Ooh la la.

1997 – Taken December 30. The high for the day was +2 C (35.5 F) and there had been no snow yet. Climate Change, for sure. Note the electrical conduit framing above the high deck. I true Heath Robinson (McGyver) affair. Add a sliding blue tarp and you have a sun shade that snaps and crackles in the wind and bellies out in the rain. Not my best solution and only lasted a year.

1998 – I spent some coin and after a lot of effort had a more permanent shade solution. The tarp was now green…and it still snapped and crackled in the wind and bellied out in the rain. Hmmmmm.

1999 – Tarp gives way to 20 year standing seam metal roofing. The roof no longer bellies out and sheds water brilliantly…a few drips between metal and shingle edges, but over all a good result.

2001 – 2011 – Not a lot of change here, but we noted a large number of mosquitoes and wasps would join us under cover on the deck. Our outdoor dining tended to be short lived. Allan got an idea, buy a replacement gazebo wall screen and hang it up. Not bad. I now had a wall tarp. Should have seen that coming. I was too busy at work to do better for those 10 years. 2nd shot in was taken December 27, 2005. No snow yet and a high temperature of 2 C (35.5 F).

2012-2013 – We found a roll of 72″ high nylon screening at Lowes and proceed to install this permanently around the perimeter of the deck. Trouble was, we left the wind side open until the last and when working in the far corner, we found ourselves surrounded by trapped flies and mosquitoes. Yikes. P.S.: Installing roll screen as a married couple can have the same degree of chance of divorce occurring as wall papering as a married couple. Once complete, we added a patio screen slider and my Patty declared the solution brilliant. No skeeters, no wasps. Lots of deck time. Yay.

2015 – I am now retired and to make the transition from 65 hour work weeks to retirement, I threw myself into projects long neglected around the house. After I had completed 3 months of flooring, baseboard and painting inside, I looked forward to getting outside in March to start the next deck change. Ripping out the old low deck, building a new step, planters and privacy screen. Note the ever changing garden lines by fence and deck, due to increasing shade from the growing trees.

The deck continued in this state until 2018, when we did a painted stencil applique to the floor and I added a white vinyl soffit to conceal the wood framing. My work here is done…..

But wait, there’s more…..Stay tuned for next post………….

17 thoughts on “Deck-ORATION

  1. Wow, your house is nearly unrecognisable when compared to what it looked like when you just moved in! I love your deck and the trees; they make a big difference in overall appearance. It’s amazing how much the trees actually contribute to the design, aesthetics and ecology of thoughtful backyard spaces. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait for more. Aiva

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    1. A real trip down Memory Lane for us, given my recent 29 post. Always an improvement to be made to make the back yard experience more enjoyable. I am now too slow to chase cartwheeling umbrellas. Thanks for reading Aiva. Hope all is well with you. Allan

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    1. I look back 29 years and marvel at the energy I had to undertake projects, while working 60 hour weeks and with 2 young children in the house. I still do projects, but, now, I think about them longer before doing them. I tend to get a burst of project energy in January and again in September. I enjoy the summer, as much as possible and often hibernate in the winters. This winter, we are trying to get energized with a house cleaning binge, to get rid of “stuff”. Thanks for reading Lori. Allan

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      1. I totally understand the energy thing!!! Binge cleaning is good! We were married 2 years ago so had 2 households to combine! Luckily with a total of 5 adult kids between us we were able to get rid of quite a bit of excess furniture! All the boxes of stuff though have taken considerably longer!! Take care!! Lori

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    1. Alwsy been a wood deck kind a guy. The neighbours who just moved, prefer a stone patio. I like being able to walk out my back door, like I am just walking into another room in the house. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


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