The Current Normal – Skeeter Eater

These photos were taken July 27, 2020.

During my surveillance of the Blue Jay chicks fluttering and flapping around my yard, I just happened to look up at my Toba Hawthorne and spotted a golden glow, that had been missing from our yard during the recent mosquito season.

Skeeter Eater

Slender body, all clad in gold,

gossamer wings, no longer cold,

resting there in all her beauty

setting up to do her duty.

Nature’s engineering marvel,

much prettier, now not larval,

purpose made, you can not beat her,

pretty golden Skeeter Eater.

Just alighting
Gossamer wings unfurled
branch firmly grasped, she glances around.
Alright, where are you, you little whiny buggers?

10 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Skeeter Eater

    1. Thanks Aiva. I could not believe my good fortune to look up and see this being right in front of me, and me with my camera in my hands. Very lucky, indeed. Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend. Allan

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    1. I do not think I have either. We typically get blue ones here, but I did not see any blue ones this year. Lots of gold and a few red and a few black. The golden one is beautiful and now my favourite. Thanks for reading. Allan

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  1. The mighty dragonfly. I see several a day in my yard. They seem to thrive in the heat of Texas. I’m always happy to see them around patrolling the skies above the grass. More of them means less of those pesky mosquitoes.

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