The Current Normal – Bright Spot

These photos were taken August8, 2020.

Bright Spot

Summertime blossoms

lighten darkness of Covid.

Bright spots of colour.

Jacob’s ladder and the Rocket Ligularia

Lamb’s ears flowers

House fly without a house

Jacob’s ladder flowers

last of the spirea flowers
the view out my window

10 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Bright Spot

  1. Beautiful photos, Allan. I love learning new names for flowers like Lamb’s Ears. They are very common in Ireland yet I never knew by what name they go. Thanks for sharing and have a good day; the view out of your window is nothing short of spectacular 😀 Aiva

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    1. The Lamb’s Eras are some of the plants I got from our neighour that just moved away. They put out a really long lasting bright flower. I will have to move them next year, now that I know how tall they grow. My Jacob’s Ladder went crazy this year. Will miss the flowers, now that fall is here. Will have to enjoy autumn’s colours before the white hits. Thanks for reading Aiva. Allan

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