The Current Normal – Get Outta Town

We’ve never had “cabin fever” in the summer before, but the current pandemic is driving us both stir crazy. We just want to be able to hit the open road, travel, see new places, visit people, but we can’t do much more than physical distance or virtual visit with people. Exploring has been pretty much all done by bicycle, as the paths are prone to physical distancing problems.

My beloved suggested we take a trip into the city to see the setup in place for the NHL Hub city (already posted here ) and also to have a bit of a walk about through the city center and along the North Saskatchewan River to see some old familiar places and see how the construction projects were going. We often joke that Edmonton only has two seasons, winter and construction.

We agreed on a route that would take this all in and give us some exercise as well. While we had masks with us, we did not plan on going into any buildings. A few times, we had to step off the sidewalk (after checking for cars) to keep 2 meters between us and passers by, but for the most part it was not a bad saunter. Here are the photos from our 5.5 km (3.5 mile walk). It was good to get outta town.

These photos were taken on August 12, 2020.

Low Level Bridge and downtown skyline from the South side of the river
On the Low Level. Looks like a bit of weed control and lick of paint are needed
Edmonton Skyline from the Low Level bridge
Trees are still a lush green and even the drowned ones have come back
Looking back South from the elevator to the funicular. We opted to walk up the stairs this day, rather than ride the elevator.
LRT bridge is making progress
Bridge deck is only about 6 meters (20 feet) away from connection
Low Level bridge looking SSW
Kayakers are again able to navigate the North Saskatchewan River, now that water levels have dropped
Looks like the perfect day for a float
The muddy water is again starting to take on a more blue green hue
Chateau Lacombe Hotel is all reclad. We have stayed here a few times, including on our honeymoon.
We walked the 155 steps up the hill by the funicular, rather than riding

Fairmont Hotel MacDonald

At the top of the funicular.

The beautiful river valley

Construction season. No problem, as Covid keeps tourist numbers down.

The Westin Hotel
Looking over the library parkade canopy towards Canada Place
The library reno is almost done
Pretty posies line the streets…
…and sidewalks
Stantec and J.W. Marriott towers, reaching skyward
City Hall
Whimsical mural
The Gibson Block, built in 1913, Edmonton’s very own flatiron building
Louise McKinney Riverfront Park looking SE
City of bridges

Foliage and busy bees

16 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Get Outta Town

    1. Big changes for sure. Since the old Municipal Airport closed, the tower height restrictions are off and tall towers are springing up. That coupled with the ongoing LRT and bridge construction keeps it interesting. Thanks for reading. Allan

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’ve been to Edmonton quite a few times but never walked anywhere.
    I have friends here who take loads of day trips in their car around the province. Pack a lunch and off they go. Usually with a destination in mind and things to see. They decided that they’d explore their own back yard this summer, which they have done safely as he’s undergoing chemo so they really practise safe six.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome for your friends. Hope his chemo is going well. The Edmonton river valley in the fall is our favourite local place to be. Thanks for reading and commenting Bernie. Allan


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