The Current Normal – Trapped in a Bubble

We have a glass “bubble” ball that usually resides in our front room, but in the summer, adorns the table on our deck. Sometimes it captures the sun just right and these shots are from just such a day, August 19, 2020.

Trapped in a Bubble

As if in a bubble, we’ve been trapped far too long.

forgetting voices and faces, losing life’s song.

Travel destinations are far too close to home,

face masks, locked shops, one way aisles, no more room to roam.

Hand sanitizer, physical distance, the norm,

only together, can we all weather this storm.

Throughout the turmoil, there were some bright shining stars,

front line workers, volunteers and birthday line cars.

Even in a bubble, we have a chance to shine,

if we want the best outcome, we must tow the line.

This is not the bubble ball, but this piece of yard art got its own chance to shine.

8 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Trapped in a Bubble

  1. That’s a very beautiful glass ball! My dad used to work as a glassblower and watching him inflate molten glass into a beautiful piece of art was something that kept me utterly mesmerized. Once in a while I was allowed to visit his workplace and observe glassblowers mastering the craft. That’s an experience I’ll never forget. Thanks for sharing. I love the soft light in your photos, Allan. Have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. A glassblower in the family, Wow. We love watching glass blowers at work. Truly a skill to draw such art out of glass and not burn yourself to oblivion. Thanks for reading Aiva. Enjoy your weekend. Allan

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