The Current Normal – Rural Fauna

I almost always take my camera along on our cycle trips. Only lately, after a couple of bad experiences, have I learned to verify that the memory card is properly seated. Along the way, you never know what wild/tame life you may see.

Rural Fauna

Rural fauna line

Alberta country roadsides.

Cycle wildlife park.

These photos were taken August 21, 2020, during our bicycle ride from Beaumont to Rolly View.

Red tail hawk looking for lunch
We have never seen donkeys on our rides before.
Same or different Red tail hawk?
These COW-ards ran away from us
What you lookin’ at?
Is it just me or is this water a little thick today?
This Red tail hawk found lunch as a swather cut down the grain crop.
shady twins
Coots scoot oot and aboot
Hey, a little privacy please.
What do you think those things over there are with those funny round legs?

12 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Rural Fauna

  1. heh I’ve had memory card issues in the past. I’ve gotten to the point where I primarily just use my phone but I sort of miss my camera. Wish I had taken it with me on some of our summer road trips this year.

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    1. Thanks Bernie. Only had a few moments to watch the donkeys, before their protector dogs came charging out. We have seen the donkeys several times on rides since. Thanks forr eading. Allan


    1. Thanks. I still remember one cartoon I saw once (Bizarro??). First panel is a filled of cows standing up on two legs, chatting, when one cow shouts “Car”. The next panel, they are all down on all fours munching grass as the car goes by. What must the animals think of us humans on tow or four wheels. Thanks for reading. Allan

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  2. Yes, we definitely don’t have to travel all the way to the African savanna or watch David Attenborough’s wildlife documentaries to see wildlife. Looking out for birds and riding a bike are two activities that go hand in hand. Just by simply pedaling around your local patch you can see lots of birds and animals. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos, Allan. Take care 😊 Aiva

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