The Current Normal – I saw young Robin, but there was no Batman

Our Schubert Chokecherry has been getting lots of birdie action lately, as the deep purple berries ripen. Typically, the birds do not scavenge the berries, until later in the fall, when they have fermented a wee bit. We then get all kinds of drunken birds flying sideways and hitting the family room window. Any remaining berries gradually dry out in winter’s harsh reality and are left for the birds returning as winter ends, typically the squealing, wheeling flocks of Bohemian Waxwings, that come in March. They will pick the last berries clean and then whirl and swirl off to the next meal in the adjacent yards.

Love the birdies and watching them never ceases to fascinate. I do feel a tiny bit sorry when they smack into the glass, flutter to the ground, then look around sheepishly to see if any of their birdie friends noticed, before fluttering drunkenly away (sometimes bouncing off the fence). For sure, your friends did not notice, as they are in the same stupor as you are, you silly little birdie guy.

But, I digress. There has been a real absence of robins this year, as in past years, but spotting some bird activity in the Schubert, I saw this juvenile robin and some of his brothers and sisters chowing down on the berries. He was still too young to be truly scared of me, but did flutter about a bit to try and hide amongst the leaves.

Little does he know that he soon has a long flight ahead of him, as the fall weather draws ever closer. Maybe by then, his brown spotted breast will give way to full orange and he will truly be Little Robin Red Breast. Fly safe, my little friend and no drunk flying!

These photos were taken August 22, 2020.

Taken from our second story window. The Schubert leaves are well and truly purple, almost black now. Soon, I will find them on my lawn.
Typical teenager avoidance pose. If I stay real still, you won’t see me.
This one branched out, so to speak, moving to another tree, to avoid my prying camera lens.

7 thoughts on “The Current Normal – I saw young Robin, but there was no Batman

  1. We might be stuck inside because of COVID, but our gardens can provide perfect grounds for wildlife watching right on our doorstep. Now that in the coming months when many birds are on the wing for thousands of miles, I look forward to indulge in birdwatching. I’m glad to see that birds provide you with a proper entertainment, Allan. Fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing and take care 😊 Aiva

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  2. “Typical teenager avoidance pose” LOL Love it! How I have missed your humor and magnificent photos! Hope you are doing well Allan. I look forward to attempting to catch up a bit on your posts. Angie

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