The Current Normal – Sky on Fire

The same night as the rainbow that I did capture, there was also a beautiful sunset. I turned around to head into the house and could not believe the colour of the sky to the West. It was otherworldly and the sky literally appeared to be on fire.

These photos were taken August 24, 2020.

Sky on Fire

Like flames galloping before the wind,

the Western sky burned as if on fire.

Even as the sun’s golden rays thinned,

ethereal visions did inspire.

Fleecy clouds floating aloft, stayed pinned

as if suspended on silver wire.

My security camera captured me capturing the sunset and returning home, while obviously still looking at the sunset.

Fiery closeup display
…looked paler from afar
Clouds away from the sunset stayed white-ish
Wet streets make for the perfect reflection of colour

19 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Sky on Fire

  1. O my goodness, that’s a proper colour blast, Allan. It really looks like on fire. Over the last few days, I’ve seen a good few beautiful sunsets and sunrises, but nothing as dramatic as this. Thanks for sharing and happy fall. 🍂🍁😀 Aiva

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    1. I think what really did it for me was the red reflection in the wet pavement. It was otherworldly. And, it was just outside my front door. Fall is definitely here. The leaves are falling fast. I hope there are some left in the mountains by the time we get there. Thanks for reading Aiva. Allan

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    1. Thanks. The weather has certainly straightened around since our rainy June and July. Fall is here now, so have been enjoying the fine, sunny days. Thanks for reading. Allan


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