The Current Normal – New Territory

A beautiful day on August 26, 2020. Temperatures were a bit cool at 10:00 AM, but manageable with a light shell. After the first 8 km (5 miles), we did put our hoods on to avoid earaches. Once the clouds gave way to sun, we had no real complaints. After our 50 km cycle to Rolly View, we had no intentions of going as far so soon. Our furthest South point was Airport Road. Here, I suggested we should turn left and head East, thus seeing new territory. One mile East, we turned left again on Range Road 234, then North to Highway 625 and all the way back West to 50th Street Beaumont. Along the way, we saw some stuff….

This green pond amidst the fields

This “mobile” home being moved down the Highway.

Blocking to offload the house at its destination
Hay Field

another Pothole

Moving Oil refinery equipment on 625

Rural scenery along Highway 625

Our little City of Beaumont. It used to be called the Town on the Hill. The 100 year old St. Vital church occupies a prominent position atop the hill.

10 thoughts on “The Current Normal – New Territory

    1. Thanks Lynette. If not for Covid, we may never have cycled this way. So good to see new things and new territory. How is your fall going? Nice weather here for the next week to 10 days, so long may it last. Allan

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  1. There are a lot of movings in your area. I’m always surprised to see houses being moved, especially historic buildings being taken off the ground and moved to more suitable locations. Apart from the technical performance, there is something that contradicts the expectation of seeing a building motionless.

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    1. For sure. 625 and Airport Roads run into the Nisku Industrial Park where a lot of oil companies have their mod yards. There has been some pretty big stuff floating down these roads. Thanks for reading. Allan

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