The Current Normal – a Blustery Day

It may be just barely September, but there is no doubt about where the seasons are heading. Two days ago, the wind howled well into the night and then all of a sudden stopped, when the sky cleared in the early AM. Yesterday, we awoke to a temperature of 0 C/feels like -2 C (32 F/feels like 28) and thick white frost on the house roofs. I was very fortunate the frost stayed above 10 feet, as my poor tomatoes were not covered up. They still need a couple of weeks of outdoor sun, to ripen, but that may or may not happen.

This morning, it was +13 C (55F) and sort of calm, but as the sun came up, so did the wind, until it was blowing at 31 k/h (19 m/h) with gusts to 54 k/h (34 m/h) NNW. It was about that time that we got the bright idea that it would be good to head out on the bikes and do our usual ride out into the countryside to the SSE. Once we started going South and East, the going was way too easy and we knew we would have to pay the price on the way back. No worries, as we had a full charge on the E-bikes.

Along the way, there was the smell of fall in the air, the sweet smell of drying hay and grasses, the pungent aroma of steer manure, where farmers had already started spreading it on their stubble fields and the acrid smell of hot tar as some last minute asphalt crack filling occurred on nearby roads and lanes to get them ready for winter.

High above us, a hawk cavorted playfully on the winds, not really hunting, just enjoying the ability to stand still in midair.

All photos were taken on September 1, 2020.

At this point, the road seemed quiet of traffic, which we were glad for. As we turned our faces to look towards the NW, we could feel the autumn wind building. Oh well, lets just ride further a little further away from home……

Looking West from whence we came on 505.

We turned South on Township Road 234 and rode all the way to SH 625, our usual turn around point. I took a few more photos, before we gathered up the courage to head back into the teeth of the wind. To the West, we had puffy clouds and to the East, we had darkling shadows.

As we paused, we saw neighbour P on his road bike, much tougher than us, as he does not have a ped-elec. We exchanged waves, before pedaling off North.

As the wind buffeted us, we were glad that we had power to spare. P would have a fight getting home, for sure. Gust after gust pushed us back and forth, like a giant hand. We turned into an acreage subdivision to get some respite, before heading West. All along our return route, car after car passed us in both directions. Where had all this traffic come from? How dare they clog up our route? More wind, no problem, more power. I watched my battery charge drop. This would not be a stellar power economy day.

One more photo stop, before the final push. The wind bent the rushes at right angles to the ground.

After riding almost 23 km (15 miles), we finally arrived home, worn out from the wind, as much as from the exercise. It was a blustery day and fall is definitely here.

22 thoughts on “The Current Normal – a Blustery Day

  1. The smell of fall is definitely in the air in Sligo, too. Much to my surprise, the temperatures dropped to 0’C on a Friday night, and the next morning the ground was covered in shiny frost. I even had to dig through the closet to find my mittens. I think it’s time to light up the fireplace; we’ve got plenty of peat this year. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Are you guys getting ready for your trip to Jasper? Take care 😊 Aiva

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    1. Ooooh, that is chilly. Still no frost in my area, but down to +1 on a couple of occasions. Up to +23 today and great for the rest of the week. I have crappy wifi where I am now, so may have to catch up when I get home. we are in our mountain cabin right now and the fall colours are fabulous. Can’t wait to write these next posts. Thanks for reading Aiva. Have a great week. Allan

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    1. Always windy on our rides. Depending on how far we are going, I will do the first half on manual, so I have the reserves to get home if I need it. Even with ped elec, it can be a real cardio workout. Thanks for reading and commenting Bernie. Allan


      1. Yes. They are at least 1.5 times as heavy and Patty’s is a beast to pedal when power runs out. Also, there are only 8 gears on the rear derailleur. It is a great exercise in sliding up and down the gear ratio to conserve battery power. Meanwhile, your legs go round and round.


  2. It is great you are staying active on your bike. I took a bike tour of Bangkok a couple of years ago and in one area there were some 90 degree turns on a narrow sidewalk between cinder block walls. I found out I had lost a lot of the control I had when riding regularly. Keep enjoying your bike and the great outdoors.

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    1. I guess there is a benefit to rain then, as our fall is lingering late and warm. Will gladly take all I can get. Sitting outside in shirtsleeves at this time of year with a glass of wine is an added bonus. Thanks for reading. Allan

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  3. I still can’t believe that it’s already the end of September. The days are getting darker and the nights are getting colder. A few weeks ago we went on a canoe trip and on the way in we had to paddle against the wind. It was tough. Why couldn’t the wind go in the opposite direction?! It was a good way to tire us out though. I slept very well that night.

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    1. Yes, if we think wind is a problem on a bike, it is worse in a canoe. Many times, we have gone out cycling in one direction with the wind in our face, thinking the ride home will be easy. On turning around, the wind was still in our face. Just a quirk of our area, or? Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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