The Current Normal – the F Word

Just over a year ago,, we were staying in Riomaggiore, one of the 5 villages in Cinque Terre. In that village was an exceedingly fine Italian bakery, Panaficio Rosi, where the baked goods were created and displayed as if they were the finest of jewels in a jewelry store. I can almost smell the aromas of the morning’s baked goods wafting out into Via Colombo, gently grabbing my nostrils and pulling me into the store in their warm embrace.

I, being the early riser of the 4 of us, was the hunter-gatherer, so on this day set out to find tasty breakfast delights. What I found was fresh Foccacia, drizzled with olive oil, decorated with sliced vegetables and dappled with salt. OMG. it was delicious.

So, it was on September 7, 2020, when my beloved suggested I bake something for our Labour Day Monday breakfast, that I suggested I make Foccacia. We had the peppers, fresh from the garden cherry tomatoes and a jar of artichokes. I found a recipe and quickly whipped up the required dough. Olive oil brushed on, veggies placed and salt sprinkled and I popped it into the 450 F oven. For my first attempt, it was certainly tasty, but, perhaps due to me using old yeast, it did not rise to the occasion and turned into more of Foccacia cracker.

All that being said, it was delicious and I will not give up, until I recreate the Foccia of our dreams. Ciao Bella.

12 thoughts on “The Current Normal – the F Word

    1. The shop was tiny, but the village is small too, until the tourists hit and there are a couple of bakeries. This was one of the best I had seen in Italy. Thanks for reading. Allan


    1. Yay. I will definitely be trying this again and the artichoke version is amongst the best. But do not forget the coarse salt garnish. It makes a huge difference. Thanks for reading. Allan

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