The Current Normal – a Man Outstanding in His Field

Funny title and in no way referencing me. It is a bit of a pun, where you get somebody, like, say, Cousin J from Ireland to stand in a field as you videotape him saying, “I am a Man Out Standing in My Field”. Only, Cousin J kept blowing his lines, when we tried it with him, saying:

  1. I’m a man, standing out in the field.
  2. I’m a man, out in a field, standing.
  3. Oh, screw off, you two!!

Cousin J always visited in September, so, the timing on this day was about right. I stood in for him, there was no video taping, just me standing by a field.

Harvest is finally upon us, so on this bike ride to Rollyview, we saw lots of crops either waving in the wind or laying in swaths, drying out ready for combining. Very little straight combining (swath and combine in one pass) is done in this area. A very few crops had been combined or cut for silage, leaving stubble or cultivated land. On this glorious, windy fall day, the rolling landscape views were spectacular.

Oat crop, still standing, with swathed crop behind (near Rollview)
close up of same oat crop
I find the precise rows mesmerizing. You can see why they call it Rollyview.
like a piece of modern art…
swathed oat crop East of Rollyview
shot of oats from above
rolling countryside fields
this crop does not actually look too bad
There has not been a killing frost here yet, so this may be what the farmer is waiting for, before harvesting
more rolling hillsides with a fine crop of reeds in the wet area
oats, up close and personal
canola crop in the swath
a cyclist out standing by a field

9 thoughts on “The Current Normal – a Man Outstanding in His Field

    1. Thanks Carma. There is nothing like the smell of the country on a warm summer/autumn, whether it be on the prairies, in the mountains or by the sea. Covid has made me much fitter, for sure. Thanks for reading and for your kind words. Allan


  1. The fields of crops are indeed like a piece of modern art. Canola is one of the most eye-catching crops grown in Ireland, but I personally love barley fields at the end of the summer when they have reached full harvest and turn golden in colour and brittle. Beautiful photos and beautiful fields, Allan. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😊 Aiva

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    1. Agreed. The rows are sown in such precision, they are mesmerizing. Although the harvest was not perfect here this year, I think it is 80% complete. Today is sunny and +16. Still no killing frost. Yay. Back deck weather. Thanks for reading Aiva. Allan

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