The Current Normal – Autumn in Cottage Country

We headed out in early afternoon September 16, 2020, to visit our former next door neighbours…..C & R, who now live 31 minutes and 38 km away from us, at least temporarily. They are staying with family near Half Moon Lake, while they await possession on their new house. We headed out today for a visit and managed a walk amidst cottage country autumn splendour.

Autumn in Cottage Country

On a wonderful fall day like this,

one can feel autumn’s first gentle kiss.

At first, most changes seem quite subtle

fall’s here, there can be no rebuttal.

Foliage once shiny and bright green,

now comes in more colours than you’ve seen.

Sunshine sparkles dappling lake waters,

just steps away from neighbours’ daughter’s,

soft wind rustling gently through tree tops,

twisting coloured leaves until they drop.

As song birds flutter from tree to tree,

it is autumn in cottage country.

Fall colours

Half Moon Lake

Flora and Fauna

Bits and pieces

18 thoughts on “The Current Normal – Autumn in Cottage Country

    1. We do not get many fall colours here on our trees, other than yellow, due to our climate. The few red and orange trees and shrubs can be quite spectacular. Fall is our favourite time of year….if only winter did not follow. Thanks for reading and hope all is well with you. Allan

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      1. All good thanks Allan, though I should be going to bed. Same here too, we only have one deciduous native tree and it only grows in a few remote highland areas. Lots of parks in Hobart with European trees though provide autumn colour in town.

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    1. I think the property owner is either an sculptor or an eclectic sculpture connector. There are several more skeletons in his closet (property) I hear. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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    1. Apparently there are a couple of other skeletons on the property. May be a good place for Halowe’en. Thanks for your kind words Bernie. Indeed, it was a good visit. Visits are few and far between these days. Thanks for reading. Allan


  1. Beautiful autumn colours and a lovely poem, Allan. Looks like you had a nice and sunny day for a trip to the Half Moon Bay ( that’s a lovely name, by the way). We are trying to make the most of every day; winter is just around the corner. Thanks for sharing and take care 😊 Aiva

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    1. Thanks Aiva. It was inspiring, for sure, but not as inspiring as what we saw in Jasper. Half Moon Lake is a pretty name, to be sure. You are right…the leaves are mostly gone, cold winds blow most days and I installed the snow tires on our cars today. Winter is coming, whether we like it or not. Thanks for reading and enjoy what is left of fall, Aiva. Allan

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  2. That was a lovely day and thanks again for the visit. Half Moon Lake was the perfect place to transition from one home to another. Very peaceful community. Beautiful pictures….

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