The Current Normal – The Sod Squad

It had been 29 years and 4 months since I last laid sod for a new lawn. That was in June 1991, when we moved into our current house. At that time, L was about 19 month old and could only see out the window to the back yard, if he stood on a stool.

Now, some 29 years later, this same L was in need of a hand to lay the sod in the yard for his house. Mom and Dad eagerly jumped in to get this done, before fall gives way to the cold of winter.

All photos were taken on September 21/20.

It was a perfect fall day, sunny, cool and a bit breezy, when we showed up for duty at 10:00 AM. The pallets of sod were already delivered and waiting, so we dawned coveralls, unloaded the tools and started the day. We figured we could manage to keep our “Safe Six” while working in the back yard. At times, this did prove a challenge, but my Patty, ever alert, soon set us right.

2 antiques side by side….this wheelbarrow may be as old as me.
My photographer was also doing double duty as our physical distancing monitor. I think she was lecturing us here.
You have to start somewhere and we chose to run along the line for the future deck and have the sod run with the swale. Google said we should do it the other way for water retention, but the slope was not huge, in any event and this gave us a much needed straight line.
Progress was slow at first until we hit our rhythm. We were certainly glad it was not a hot summer day.
The back fence gave a nice edge for cutting to and L made sure the subgrade was smooth and ready.
We were on a roll, so to speak.
Like a giant green jigsaw puzzle.
Placing the final row along the opposite property line. Now we could boogy.
My Patty was a huge help, loading the sod onto the wheelbarrow, taking photos, taking a run for lunch, fetching my grinder from home, as my cutting knives dulled and keeping us safe and hydrated. She also seam filled with soil and seed and then watered the seams as we finished.
L takes a rake break as we hit the final barrier, where every piece had to be cut. Maybe that was why we should have run the sod the other way.
This is where we did our specialty “Janky Sod” as we had a lot of small pieces to fit in around the landscaping. L had to run and pick up a few more rolls, so we could finish.
All seamed, seeded and rolled, ready for water.
the Sod Squad
All it needs now is water and sun to knit before it is covered in snow.
The back yard with its carpet of green.
side yard
The view from above.
Back home, we made use of the thoughtful A & W gift card that sister L and brother L had sent us for our anniversary. This was our homage to their card “giving us a ring”. We sure enjoyed a takeout fast food meal after our long day. Thanks L & L

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13 thoughts on “The Current Normal – The Sod Squad

    1. It was just as hard a job as it was 29 years ago, except then I was 29 years younger. The cool weather was a big boon. Glad it is done in time to meet tomorrow’s snow. Thanks for reading and commenting Bernie. Allan


  1. Good job, guys! Nothing brings people together like a little project everyone can work together on. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and you make memories along the way. I hope you are doing well. As of today, the Irish government imposed more restrictions and from now on household visits are banned. Which means we are not allowed, yet again, to see our family and friends or have people over for dinner. Can’t wait for this pandemic to end. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Aiva. Accomplishment and memories for sure. Sorry to hear about the new restrictions, but not unexpected. I expect more restrictions here too, as the voluntary ones are not working. Apparently, many of those who test positive are not cooperating with the contact tracers and some are becoming abusive. Everyone is tired of all this, but some do not get it will simply not go away. Thanks for reading and stay well. Allan


    1. It always amazes me how grass can fill in the seams and blank spots, if you just give it a little attention and water. Satsifying to transform soil into a lawn. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

      Liked by 1 person

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