So Long – Its Been Good to Know You

This free blog spot is now at full capacity and once again it is time to relocate to a new Blog spot. This will be lucky number 7 in my 6 years of blogging. Some of you may know that I wavered back and forth as to whether to keep blogging or not. Thanks to so many of you for your encouragement to continue. I will do my best to deserve your confidence and readership. Thanks to all of you.

Below is the link to my new Blog spot. I hope you will visit, follow, like and or comment as your time allows. It has been a pleasure to have you all as readers.

This blog site, all prose, poetry and photos are the property of K. A Gould (unless otherwise noted), © all rights reserved.

35 thoughts on “So Long – Its Been Good to Know You

      1. I get it! I have been having issues for about a month now. Every time I write a post something seems to change. Currently when I copy and paste to Facebook the post photo no longer shows up…..ughhhhh…tech support probably groans when I show up!!! Good luck!!!!

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      2. My big problem is that my posts all appear below the welcome Page and my first post which does not even act like a post. Then my widgets do not show. Hmmmm. A work in progress indeed. Cheers

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    1. Only the photo blogs tend to get full. I only have 3 gigs for media storage, so even when I resize the photos, I can only get about 500-600 posts. That is the price I pay for being too cheap for a paid site. Thanks for reading and commenting Ann. Allan

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  1. Haaaa! Just read this. HOORAY for moving to new – free – sites! I’ve been on WordPress since 2006 & have more blogs here than I want to think about. A few are simply placeholders, ideas “for later;” some are memories/explorations of different times; and others (like the one I’m using now) are meant to support my haphazard marketing efforts.
    Thank you for following me!

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    1. Thanks Kaya. Capacity on the free sites is only a thing for photobloggers. Each site has only three gigs of space for media. Given that my posts contain a lot of photos, I get about 500-550 posts before the media block fills up, even though I always reduce the size of the pix. No worries if you just use text or even a few photos. Many thanks for the follow and your comments Kaya. Stay well. Allan


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